Smash Mouth


What a tune


What one?


Smash mouth


fractal all star


Every Morning


hey now


Well the years keep coming


Sorry about your penis


Thank you, I found that very interesting.


“Hey you, you’re a nice guy.
Put your shoes on, hey you!”



Hey now, you’re a Smash Mouth


This is a gimmick, pure and simple. In principle you could do this with any recording, and it’s amusing to demonstrate the results when sped up or slowed down, but it does not have much to do with what the ear hears. “Notes and pitch are just the same thing” he seems to say. Well, yes and no. It’s all just waveforms, but a waveform of, say, 400 Hz is perceived by the ear and the brain as a single tone, while a waveform or 4Hz is heard as a repeating series of noises spaced 1/4 second apart. So from a scientific point of view they are just different manifestations of the same phenomenon, but from a music listener’s perspective they are two very different aspects of music.


you won’t like his video about time signatures and harmony being the same thing then. not sure I understood your point but I still think it is pretty interesting that if you repeat anything at the frequencies of a musical note it will be perceived as that note


Confession: I absolutely rinsed the first two Smash Mouth albums many years ago.


Same here. But by ‘rinsed’ I mean incinerated.


More a fan of the later stuff, yeah?


Definitely. I brush my teeth with that shit.


Fucking hell


I know, I feel so let down by the guy who made the video