Smashing Saturday

Oh no :slightly_frowning_face:

Hope it heals up soon

Lovely view from the hotel window, by the way


Where to? :rofl:


Morning all. It’s a week off so I’ve got a free Saturday for once. Should be picking up some new books later; definitely going to the food market by Royal Festival Hall and - mask at the ready - the Haiku Salut lamp show at Bush Hall.


Alright dad


Well, you are the king of the dad joke :slight_smile:

(Hope your day improves anyway)

it’s a Star Wars Cantina music kind of day today


da de da de dade da diddledee dabedaba daaa doo!

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Must be talking to an angel


Had a trip to Liverpool booked but I’ve got a stomach bug. Nothing worse than a stomach bug and no childcare. I feel awful, can’t get up except to :face_vomiting:

Told my mum who’s meant to be coming tomorrow and she said “see you next week instead”. I really wanted her to say she’d help. Fair enough though.



Not a whole lot I can do today. Make some food, listen to records, have some wine etc.

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feels like someone’s gone at my throat with sandpaper. testing negative at least

the tv is trying to make me do gardening, I fucking hate gardening

I’m about to go visit my niblings but apparently they’ve all just got over stomach bugs… this could be a tactical error on my part


Definitely unwise! I get them quite a lot not sure if its related to having ibs or something but this is my first since the pandemic which has been lush, usually get 3 or 4 a year.

Working. Freezing, grey, broke. Fuck everything.

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It’s Comic Con today!!!

I will of course not be going but will instead stay home glued to my phone for my pal sending me photos, and praying said pal doesn’t catch the 'rona there.

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Morning all!

I had a rare Saturday lie in, which was much appreciated.

No gymnastics today so The Child has started organising a birthday party for Rapunzel across the living room floor. All of the dinosaurs, princesses and LOL Dolls are invited and there are Lego gifts and paper cupcakes. She’s in her element but the floor is an obstacle course of tiny sharp bits of plastic.

I need to go into town to pick up tickets for the gig I’m going to tomorrow night because I’d completely forgot I needed to collect them. I also need to bring some food (especially vegetables) into the house; most specifically pumpkins.

I had a lovely time drinking wine last weekend but I have no wine in the house and a fridge full of birthday beers, so I’ll be drinking some beers.


Flying to Barcelona this evening because I’m spending the next week on a residential course there. Massively CBA, and don’t really feel right about travelling at the moment, but there we go.