Smeeing Radiohead live

I just thought it appropriate to point out that I, and others are seeing Two Faced Thom and his band of merry drum deniers this very evening.


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Hi! Berlin’s alright, isn’t it?

pretty great yeah, was at Deerhoof & Cowtown last night too which was awesome. And before that watched Union beat Karlsruhe 4-0. And it’s really sunny. I’ve drank a lot of beer.

We were at that gig too. @j0hn made us go. I’ve not listened to them in too long so didn’t enjoy it all that much - I thought more of them at an ATP years back. J0hn enjoyed it though, so that’s good. We had a burgermeister afterwards and I’m drooling just thinking about it.

oh I also had a burgermeister (why wouldn’t you, it’s right there)

creepy? no.

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In a very no drums sort of way

I look forward to entering for James Blake and Radiohead only and probably standing next to you without knowing for a bit

We’ve got pretty much the same plan I think. I’ll be the annoying guy in yellow.

If these lazy fools I’m with ever get up, we might head to the stasi museum first though.

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Not as big a surprise as if they pull Kevin Is In Jail out of the bag

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Praying, PRAYING for Let Down

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Exceptional performance, rubbish crowed. I’m now on dis in Das Gift listening to Boards Of Canada. I’ll get my coat.

Where were you standing? Didn’t really have any crowd problems but gave up trying to stay in front if the barrier fairly early on. Ended up to the left. Nice not to have sight lines not ruined by flags. Sounded great. Hoped they’d play there, there but there’s always next time…

Was great tonight. Even enjoyed Creep, despite myself. Sound was top notch for a festival.

We were back left. Lots of rude chatty people, but couldn’t go further in as my wife always need the toilet.

At least the sound was great for the most.

Great show, fucking terrible crowd. Some cunt out his banger pissed on my girlfriend and when she shouted at him others had a go at her!

Anyway, Let Down <3

someone actually had a piss on your girlfriend? wtf is wrong with people.

Yup, he was trying to piss in his cup but he was so fucked that he wasn’t
doing a very good job of it. Suffice it to say it mostly ended up all over
himself anyway