Smeeing Radiohead live


I don’t know why I’m even contributing to this, apologies.


It’s force of habit I think.


Dunno whether to enter into this blatant trolling so let’s just agree what follows is purposefully on the

side of the fence :smiley:

You can hear the recording is completely overloaded though. No matter what it’s recorded from it’s been compressed to hell and stuff. I assumed Mini Disc because of the period when it was recorded was before MP3 was a big thing but it doesn’t sound like the standard response of cassette to me.

Do you not put electric strings on your acoustic guitars then? I mean my curved back Ovation style has has them on and it sounds quite like that. There’s very little bass response particularly if you are using the bridge pickup, which is often what you would use here.

Around this period RH tended to use a sort of weird “solid-body” acoustic from what I remember. I seem to recall they were more favoured for live because they had very little feedback but they come out quite tinny.


I’m getting out of this fucking thread.


well they should’ve emailed me to say the show had changed

then they should’ve emailed me the survey about preferences for the new venue

they had my email address from the order, backed up by the confirmation they emailed me when they changed my address because they said tickets would be sent by post (they weren’t)

finally they could’ve emailed me telling me my tickets were available on their site instead of leaving me to randomly look myself

apart from that, and the misinformation on the phone, they were fine


Yeah fair, an email should have been the very least they did, no arguments there


Now I’ve had time to read this properly (was out earlier):

Promoters do have the right to do what they want regarding ticket protocol, and from my understanding it is a different date and venue right? There is no way they can satisfy everyone HOWEVER I can totally see why you are pissed if you don’t feel the protocol was not made clear enough. Have you sent an official complaint? It’s worth doing imo because if they’re worth anything they’ll respond positively, they/we are not all trying to screw you out of anything.


This is amazing :grinning:


Totally smeeing Radiohead again tonight. All the best.


I’ll be there too x


And me


So excited!


Not a great start… painful getting in. Still tons of people waiting outside, really crap organisation and a lot of confusion


Holy fuck.


Really great. Would have liked a couple rarer tracks but it’s hard not to be picky about Radiohead set lists. Would have enjoyed The Gloaming, Climbing Up The Walls. Loved Bloom, Lotus Flower, 2+2=5, Idioteque.

Cons: the visuals were a little underwhelming (must have been proper shite if you were sat at the back), and fucking hell - so many people vaping. So many people vaping it felt like a damned crime.


Got hopeful before The Bends but it was great, as was I Promise live and in fact, the whole set


Had some chatters, which @j0hn got rowdy with, bu beyond them the crowd was fine


Gone to some moony pub. I’m the one in the rowdy trainers if anyone else is here


What a fucking setlist!!! Incredible show - band were up for it, on the whole the crowd were decent and the sound was good. Absolutely buzzing.


Was anyone not in the front? Spoke to one guy who said it was cracking, but he was away with a few fairies.