Smeeing Radiohead live


I was in the front standing section


they’ve played this every time i’ve seen them including the other week and i would quite like them to stop


The Gloaming can fuck right off. Never ever got on with it, and it always stinks out the set for a while. Completely drains any energy.


it’s much better live than on record but it’s been 14 years now and there are so many better songs from that album for them to pick




i’ve seen them do Climbing up the Walls 3 times though and it’s always a highlight


Yeah, where’s Scatterbrain?


Opened with Let Down?! fucking hell


Absolutely no fucking around.


Some right bellends with their fucking phones filming constantly, get a life fellas/ladies and stop blocking the view.

Maybe this Is just what music is now.

Other than that was fun!


We had a security guard who refused to use the metal detector and must have been a stubbornly old-school frisk searcher. He even inspected my lip balm.


We had the worlds slowest security guard as well. completely appreciate why security was tight but jeez it was painful, especially with people in other queues getting through much quicker. The organisation outside the ground was pretty shambolic. And surely the aim of any security in current times is to avoid having massive crowds who haven’t yet been searched.


It was really strange. Got to the ground and there was no clear way to go. Didn’t seem like there was any order other than “just go for the first gate you see”. When they needed staff to limit the queues and say “this gate queue is full, go round to the next one” to keep it evenly distrubuted. A lot of the event staff there seemed to be sat down, doing fuck all?

They had those scanners for women, but not men. Seemed unfair because in the queue I was in, men were getting inside way faster.

Glad people found the crowd alright but I didn’t have the same experience. For most of the gig it was fine but before we even got into the ground I’d shouted at a couple of dickheads talking loudly about my partner’s arse and trying to grab it. Shameful shit.


Getting in was a fucking nightmare – spent ages queuing up only for the barcode not to scan, so the guy sent me to the ticket office to get it validated and then they made us queue up and go through security again. Everything after that was great though. The atmosphere was quite good and the sound was decent for an open-air gig, although I think the guitars were panned and we were standing to one side, so songs like Weird Fishes with intricate guitar interplay sounded a little bit imbalanced. But aside from that I really enjoyed it. There was a really nice atmosphere around the place and they were on good form.


I was sat upstairs in the stands towards the back. Quite far away from the stage, then. The sound was strange for the first half of the set due to a slight wind. We were in the Colin Zone! Really heavy bass with everything else muted. But the wind eventually died and the sound was fine towards the end. And the visuals got more engaging as it got darker.

The two encores were bliss, especially I Promise and The Bends. I felt so warm and happy by the end. Love these guys.


Smeeing them for the first time at TRNSMT in Glasgow on Friday for my birthday. Can’t fucking wait


I’m jealous of anyone seeing RH for the first time, they are incredible live.


Is the song inbetween No Surprises and Bloom a B side?


That’s the problem with outdoor shows in June/July when they always have such a good light show. Saw them on the In Rainbows tour in the middle of June when they had those great big LED sticks hanging from the ceiling, but you could barely see any of the lights until the encore.

I saw someone suggesting that’s probably why they shifted Daydreaming to the encore in last night’s setlist


Thom actually played along on the guitar!