Smeeing Radiohead live


People misheard bass tuning as the start to seven nation army and it got a bit cringe from there!


most enjoyable/least middle class thing about the whole gig to be honest.


Thanks to an awesome boss at work I got the chance to have the day off at very short notice and made the gig. Just an incredible show, stood maybe 5 people from the front barrier and took it all in and loved every second. Arrived at about 6.30 and pretty much walked strait in at the gates, no problems getting in.


Oh just remembered Junun didn’t play Allah Elohim :cry:


Walked straight in at around 5:30 to see Oliver Coates, but that was completely lifeless thanks to the massive empty space between the majority of the crowd and the stage. Even towards the front of GA felt pretty far away, and my view was blocked by the backs of heads as Radiohead came on (wish they’d just show the band on the screens), so I ended up going right towards the back where there was loads of space and the view/vibe was actually better from there.

Really enjoyed it overall. Felt a bit flat at the start (although All I Need was beautiful), but something clicked with EIIRP and I had a very good time from that point onwards.


only saw half of their set and assumed I’d missed it, that’s a shame.


we had no problems getting in, the gate was on our ticket, we didnt go to the queues immediately as you went through the gate, was only stood waiting for 10 mins or so. if you were daft enough to bring a bag full of stuff then you’re going to have to wait a bit longer, srsbsnss searches werent exactly unexpected. it was good tho, of the three times ive seen them it was prob the least fun but still, solid gold bangers throughout so you cant complain


I was there :fist_left:


Now I’m home from work, I shall ramble on about it. I’ll be honest, I was a tiny bit down on it to start with because I couldn’t really see past all the people in front of me, and the people singing along near me were sometimes drowning out Thom’s voice. As the show went on though, these gripes just became more and more insignificant: partly because people started singing along more just at the points where it made sense to do so (“for a minute there, I lost myself”, natch) rather than belting out entire songs, and mainly because the music was just so good. The set was a decent mix of “the hits” that would resonate with the absolutely massive audience^, and the stuff that just works out well live due to rhythmic wickedness / them being able to improv-slash-fuck around a bit (I know people who aren’t me slag off The King of Limbs, but I don’t know how anyone can deny those songs don’t kill live - ‘Bloom’ was a big highlight for me): I think they played one track from every album (save Pablo Honey).

It was pretty different to when I last saw them (again, in Manc, a surprising amount of years ago now), when they focused more on the more rhythmic, Krautrock-ish stuff (from what I remember) and it was nice to see all these myriad sides to them reflected in this set. As well as it being my second time seeing them, it was also my dad’s second time seeing them - and he’d last seen them live just before The Bends was released, so it was definitely different to that, too.

Don’t know if any of what I typed makes sense or is in any way worth reading, says the standard Manches disclaimer. A few stray observations as well:

  • Did anyone else see / wave at Johnny Marr standing up at the balcony on the way out?

  • Also on the balconies, a child started waving at the standing crowd as they left and a bunch of the audience managed to get him to do the Official Gene Simmons Satan-Based Rock And / Or Roll Gesture™ and to “dab”.

  • Also on the subject of infants, one of the first things I saw in the standing area was a couple who had taken their baby, which baby was wearing ear protectors approximately the size of said baby’s head.

^ on this note, I kind of like how Kid A has seemingly gone from being interpreted in reviews and whatnot (absolutely ludicrously and stupidly) as an attempt to troll the record-buying public, to being widely-renowned as a seminal album by how immense the cheers were before ‘Everything In Its Right Place’.


Maybe it’s my age but I was very surprised that the crowd’s reaction to the start of 15 Step was way more rapturous than for the start of Airbag; the two songs coming after each other in the set.


Yes Bloom was a big highlight for me as well, along with Weird Fishes/Arpeggi and its outro. I did see Johnny Marr on the balcony as well :smiley:

I loved the gig and echo many of the comments above. I didn’t get into the Front Barrier bit and didn’t know that was a ‘thing’ that you could buy. Could anyone buy that who just transferred their ticket from the arena? I was standing quite far back and the wind was distorting the sound certainly for the first few songs but this largely seemed to resolve itself or perhaps i just got more used to it. I agree with the comments about the lighting/screens as well…its a shame that it doesn’t come across as well in daylight

I would say my highlight was Bloom to Lotus Flower. Weirdly all the ‘classic’, i.e… pre-Kid A stuff i liked slightly less.

Would see again. And again.


i think the front standing bit is a permanent feature for gigs at OT and they transferred standing from the arena to front standing at OT.


ah right…i did have a seated ticket at the arena, so that explains it!


You must have been right by us because I saw both of these things happen on the way out. If you also saw a woman in glasses with a lovely fringe stood on the balcony by yer man johnny marr scream and start waving frantically, that was my pal Sian getting overexcited coz I was waving at her and not johnny marr


15 step is waaaaay better than airbag, so it’s got that going for it


Big shoutout to the guy in the front row of reserved seating who ruined There There for everyone within earshot by using his empty water bottle and a metal rail to drum his way through the whole fucking thing, fills and all.


sorry, but that is quite funny


Anyone else smeeing Radiohead in Glasgae town tonight?
Fairly psyched for this. Minor gripe: Shame about the line-up overall!


Yep, will be the third time and it’s probably the most excited I’ve been for them.

Rest of the line-up is a bit of a disaster. Everything Everything are half decent live but they’re on so early. My missus is probably going to make me sit through London Grammer, fuckin idiot,


Yep, should be good! Not even treating it as a festival, will maybe catch a bit of Belle and Sebastian but not fussed if I miss em.

Weather is supposed to clear up at around 5ish which is good.