Smeeing Radiohead live


Everything Everything the only other one which stood out for me as well but the time puts me off aye. The full 2.5 hours for Radiohead is basically the one saving grace in terms of the schedule!


Blue skies forecast indeed. It’s basically a glorified Radiohead gig to me too - enjoy!


About to head over from Edinburgh now. Hoping to catch Everything Everything but apparently there’s no re-entry so I’ll be in for the day then!


Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I just get carried away sometimes and that song is my jam.


What did Glasgow folk make of TRNSMT then? Enjoyed it, even if the sound got pretty muddy when the wind picked up. Nice varied setlist but not sure it ever flowed quite as well as it did at Primavera last year.

Lasting memory will be of the guy in front of us who spent the whole of Idioteque with his back to the stage, one hand in the air and the other holding poppers to his nose …ah Scotland!


The sound seemed a lot better at the back when I went to get drinks.

Got a bit irrationally irked when my friend said he didn’t like myxamotosis


Oh god that’s so likely to be Joe from my band, was he wearing a yellow Mack?


We ended up moving back behind speaker to left of sound tent to hear it… Sound was much better there.
Myxomatosis is great. Not an irrational response!


Haha! …maybe? Can’t really remember. He was with another tall beardy guy?


Mm could have been his flat mate :joy:


Seen some reviews suggest that Thom was a little irate with fans/trolls flying Palestinian flags at Trnsmute the other night. Can any of our lovely Glasgow peeps confirm or was it just a storm in a Smeecup?


This is over on youtube


He did get cross just before 'Myxomatosis" and sneered “some fucking people” four or five times. Not sure if that was because of the flags or not.

As for the Palestine flags in the crowd, I fear the whole Celtic/Rangers bigotry clusterfuck partly accounts for their presence, and not just Radiohead’s decision to play in Tel Aviv. I ain’t touching any of that with a ten foot pole, though.


Only idiots bring flags and flagpoles to concerts. With the current security climate its shocking that flagpoles are still being allowed into venues.


Combination of Celtic fans and genuine protest I think


Can’t see that being the case, it’s never happened (as far as I’m aware) at any other Scottish festival I’ve been to, and I haven’t seen it at any other set of this weekend. It’d be a bit of a coincidence for it only to happen at Radiohead at a time they’re being criticised for playing in Israel.


Fair enough; that was the first big Glasgow gig I’ve been to, so was just speculating (partly given the proximity to Parkhead…)


(although to be fair, I’ve been to see Springsteen at Hampden 3 times and not seen any flags there)


Proximity to stadiums doesn’t mean anything, bridgeton is at one end of Glasgow green fs