Smeeing Radiohead live


Point taken; citing the general Glasgow city centre location would’ve phrased what I meant better. Anyhow, it was a good gig. The sound was good up on the accessible platform, apart from the breezier moments when the speakers started swaying a bit (that affected B&S more than Radiohead, to be honest…)


Just checked the BBC iPlayer recording of the gig, and the Beeb have cut out all but one of Thom’s "some fucking people"s. However, the alleged middle finger to the protesters appears at 21:29…


he also does some more of that around 23:55, at the end of the song, a lot more directly.


I saw Joe at the end, he was singing away to the hook in Karma Police as the crowd dispersed, looked pretty happy. No poppers spotted though.


Trust me, he’ll of had them


It was obviously inspired by the Israel gig, but I would bet hard cash that the flag wavers were Celtic fans who spotted a chance to grind one of their favorite axes. More important than the actual Palestinian cause for them is gaining a self satisfied glow from being seen to support the Palestinian cause. Hence, perhaps, why they paid their admission rather than remaining outside the venue as the protesters in Manchester did. My only surprise is that in the spirit of the tit-for-tat buffoonery prevalent in their weird Glasgow goldfish bowl a rival group of rangers fans didn’t take the chance to come down and wave Israeli flags. Perhaps they couldn’t afford tickets…


I’m not entirely sure why this is getting viewed as a Celtic/Rangers thing (and I’m not really keen on further derailing this thread with it all, so I’ll make this my last post on it).

First of all, I’ve been to plenty of big festivals/gigs in Glasgow and all over Scotland, and not one of them has had an element of football partisanship that I’ve seen. Generally people attending these things aren’t thinking about football.

Secondly, you may well be right that the people waving Palestine flags were Celtic supporters, I don’t know. I honestly can’t see how it’s relevant. People attending the gig wanted to protest something the band was doing, as far as I can tell it’s the same as when people protested U2’s tax affairs at Glastonbury a few years back.

Why didn’t they remain outside the venue? Why should they, it’s a festival, not a radiohead gig.

All the “being seen to support” stuff seems like it’s close to the phrase “virtue signalling”, and is something I’m not going to get into.

Put simply, there’s been a history of support for Palestine within Glasgow for many years, I don’t understand why this display is being characterised as about football. Maybe it’s easier to pretend it’s about that than actually about Radiohead’s decision to play in Israel.


My post was more a light hearted comment on the warped world of some of Glasgow’s football fans rather than anything deeper, and it might have been more suited to a football message board where the context would have been implied, but seeing as you’ve taken the time to respond…

It’s being seen as a Celtic/Rangers thing because to a significant extent that’s what the Israel/Palestine “thing” is in Glasgow. This issue for several years has been a totem around which the two adopt adversarial positions. People may not visibly be engaged with football partisanship at festivals and gigs but observe (off the top of my head) fights breaking out at a Rod Stewart gig when he showed Celtic clips on the screens, and The Saturdays being asked not to perform I Just Can’t Get Enough at TITP to avoid starting a riot to see that it doesn’t take too much for it to come to the fore.

I’m not disputing anyone’s right to legitimate protest, nor making any comment about Radiohead playing in Israel, so I have no need to pretend the protests were about anything other than they ostensibly appeared to be, but it does seem odd that while most protesters in both Manchester and Glasgow were encouraging people to boycott Radiohead, that these individuals felt it would be OK for them to attend a festival (which Radiohead will have been paid handsomely for) just because Rag and Bone Man was getting a cut of proceeds.

I never used the term “virtue signaling” so I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to throw it back at me to score a cheap point, but if you had seen some Celtic fans (or spoken to them as I have on occasion) whose knowledge of the Middle East was less than basic harassing Israelis who had come to watch a game of football at the Hapoel Be’er Sheva game a couple of years ago you would understand why I raise an eyebrow at their devotion to the cause.

I can only assume you either have no knowledge whatsoever of Scottish football, or you are a Celtic fan who is being deliberately obtuse. Either way neither of us have anything to gain by discussing this further.


weren’t there Palestine flags at Glastonbury too though?


Rangers fans are more into Kasabian m8


He is a Celtic fan (which is probably why he’s not responding to your post tbh) but I don’t think he’s being obtuse either, if anything you’re painting quite a black and white picture of the situation and Glasgow as a whole which, while there is some truth to, can’t be used to easily explain what’s going on without talking to these people. You’re right about the broad alignments but it’s not like Glaswegians aren’t also used to shades of grey when it comes to things.


Just saw the Ed Obrien guitar thread and it reminded me of this… Any guitar nerds out there who can tell me whether this is Ed or Jonny Greenwoods set list ? it’s from the Hail to the Thief tour in 2003.


what a rig he has.


I’m not a guitar nerd but I guess that’s Ed’s setlist because he only plays drums on There There, Jonny plays drums and guitar


I thought it was. Ta.


That’s an amazing setlist. Seeing them at Manchester on this tour was my first Radiohead gig, and the set they played wasn’t nearly as good as this one!


that’s my pride and joy. My wife has an uncanny knack for sweet talking roadies for setlists… It was a great gig.


yeah definitely Ed’s, from the 335 and 330 mentions. i’m guessing ST means Strat, T means Tele, R means Rickenbacker and P means Plank which is some odd red custom built guitar by their guitar tech, which i’ve seen him play on a lot of Bends stuff in old videos. plus the 12 string on How to Disappear and ‘Pedals’ on Everything in its Right Place


did they do Karma Police or The Bends then? we need answers.


this is the first Radiohead gig i was at and still the best setlist (didn’t have a paper copy, sadly)

really really enjoyed the one i saw this year too though