Smeeing Radiohead live


Man it was 2003. I really can’t remember…


:smiley: says Karma Police. mystery solved.


My first Radiohead gig:

The only way it’s better than Richie’s Cardiff setlist is through having There There as an opener.

Oh! And A Wolf At The Door. A relative rarity there.


oh shoot! just realised i was at that gig :smiley:


you got I Might Be Wrong as well! they’ve never played that when i’ve seen them, much to my chagrin


I remember thinking how nice it was to get both I Might Be Wrong and The National Anthem. Two heavy grooves in one night!


My first one, it was amazing:

It was also filmed (I think you can spot me a one point).


Cool. I hate the CIA / Motorpoint. But this was so so good…


This was my first (@1101010 was there).


It’s the only time I’ve been there but it was great. I remember being slightly annoyed that touts were selling tickets outside the venue below face value, but I quickly got over that. I’ve only seen them indoors three times, and I think this was the best of those three.


That was my second Radiohead gig.

This was my first


That was my second Radiohead gig, my first was 24/09/2000, Victoria Park, London. note Permanent Daylight <3:


You and whose army
Dollars and cents
Black star

This was mine. What do I win?


Wow, didn’t realise they’d only played that once since 1995


I was at the Saturday and Monday Victoria Park gig.



My first was

Deliberately flew to Belfast to see them, as the alternative was the soulless hellhole that is the Edinburgh Corn Exchange.


Agh, would have loved to have seen them in the Waterfront! But I was 14 and only got properly into them about a month later.

No idea what the Waterfront is like for music though, only ever been to comedy there.


The sound was incredible, I recall :slight_smile: