Smeeing Radiohead live


still probably my favourite musical experience/moment ever


tickets to that with B&S supporting was actually cheaper than the Dublin show. almost considered doing both but the rest of that lineup looks awful now.


mate obviously anyone with any sense would just hang at West Brewery until B&S came on


That’s nuts! How much was the Dublin show?

I hope you are all right about the crowd at TRNSMT, a few of my mates didn’t buy tickets on the basis of it being T in the Park in Glasgow so hopefully they’ll be proven wrong.


the rest of the weekend absolutely will be “T in the Park in Glasgow” but the Friday is a glorified Radiohead gig at a venue/space they already made theirs in recent memory. I’m quite gutted I can’t go now :frowning:


€83.50, which is about £73, plus fees which brought it to about £90 each overall.

was reluctant to spend that much but they’ve not played Dublin in nearly a decade so i gave in.


Cool, yeah I always regretted not going to that 2008 gig (didn’t live in Glasgow at the time) so fingers crossed!


One of my party can’t go cos of the change of date. From what I can tell, I can’t cancel just her ticket, and I can’t give her ticket to one of my mates who wants to go instead and will happily take her place cos of this name/ID thing? Have I got the right end of the stick here? Seems a little tight tbh


Would’ve stayed clear of West as it’ll be rammed but friend is coming up and can’t not show him West.

Also, I would’ve said til after B&S finish but guessing my mate will want to see them actually.


Just bought tickets. Probably should’ve checked I didn’t already have anything to do that day (probably don’t tbf).



I think only the person who originally bought the tickets has to be there on the day. Pretty certain that you’ll be able to pass one of them on.


Also probably not a bad idea in terms of getting a decent spot for Radiohead?


Cheers man, I guess we’ll wing it. 3/4 of us are the same names and I’m the lead booker so hopefully it’ll be OK.


Is this based on anything other than what it was originally for the MEN? I rang up and they said this isn’t even a cardholder only event but I found that surprising.


Does anyone know what time it’d end? Just realised I ain’t got a clue how i mifght be getting there or back.


They posted the stage times already… think Radiohead are on about 8ish and play for 2 and a half hours. The times are out there somewhere



didn’t think this through, did I? Ah well, I’ll figure something out.


I can’t remember the exact times but I’m not far off. There’s two support acts… :confused:


From waste

17:00 DOORS
18:50 JUNUN
22:30 CURFEW


did anyone just answer the poll about transferring the tickets? I just said that i wanted them still for the new gig and pressed submit and that was it. I presume it worked…?