Smeeing Radiohead live


If you need somewhere to crash and yer man huggy upthread doesn’t need it my spare bed is on offer


Yeah I’m in the same boat, as in I’m a little unsure about the form working as it should. There being no confirmation email is a bit shit!


Lack of confirmations was stressing me out so i went here:
and they got back to me a few hours later to confirm my tickets have been exchanged and eTickets will be sent early next week





its general admission seating at old trafford, its all open so if you want a seat just get there early


did you order through waste though? I think mine went through ‘eventim’…?


yep with waste/sandbag. I’d still try direct with waste to see if they know. Doesn’t sound like not having a confirmation email is a problem…


Cool. I shall give it a go :slight_smile:


Got an email today from Eventim about the transfer of tickets without doing anything :slight_smile: So it seems doing the poll did work






What’s “I Promise” like live?


sounded pretty good, preferred it to the studio version:

wasn’t a standout but always nice to see a rarity that probably won’t be staying in the set very long


always a highlight of any Dublin gig cos of the Liffey reference:


Damn right. What a show!


If this was the Glasto setlist then it’s a bit disappointing


What do you want from them? Electioneering 25 times in a row?


Just stuff that’s a bit more interesting and/or reflects them making a big deal of the OKC anniversary like Polyethylene or something?


They played 7 songs from OKC. Sure a b-side or new old one would have been great, but they’re a bit obscure for the casual fan.


If they played a B side everyone would have called them wilfully obscure. Definitely feels like they can’t really win.