Smeeing Radiohead live


Well on the flipside no Burn the Witch or National Anthem? They played Fake Plastic Trees which is one of the dullest on The Bends…

They’re all RH songs and decent sure but it’s just a bit lacking for me.


Can’t remember when they last played this nostalgic/crowd pleasing a set, even ignoring most of the album that they’re touring to do so. Aside from maybe another Bends track I’m not sure what more they could have done really but find it odd I’m still seeing people call it self indulgent nonsense or whatever*. I think a lot of people don’t realise they have 9 albums.

*that said, if they were gonna do two TKOL songs Separator might have gone down better than Bloom


Didn’t play Burn The Witch the other night either, I was surprised although as much as I enjoyed the live guitar version in videos from last year it never sounded like they were entirely comfortable with it, to me.

Absolutely love The National Anthem live, always a highlight for me, sounded amazing the other night and the Glasto 03 version is still my favourite version of it. But I often see people complaining about the lack of brass live, and I wouldn’t think it’d be a glaring ommission to casual fans.

Like it or not Fake Plastic Trees is one of their biggest hits and was a massive singalong in 03. It’s one of those ones people always complain about them not playing. I’m with you on the album version but it’s good live with the louder breakdown.

Personally I prefer the Dublin set from Tuesday, but I think they’ve judged most of this set well for an inclusive, non-alienating set at the biggest festival in the country.


It’s an okay spread just most of this stuff I’ve seen live before, so a number of times, so I was hoping for at least one surprising choice buried in there.

Either of The Bends or Planet Telex would have been a choice for me and the big single off AMSP.


The Bends would be good if he sang it properly which he never does for some reason. Planet Telex would have been good. My Iron Lung would have been the most obvious other Bends song based on what they tend to play these days and was surprised it wasn’t played but presumably edged out by Creep and the parade of OKC stuff.

Always worth remembering that probably a majority there won’t have seen them before.


Exactly this. No idea what the people wanting them to play ‘the hits’ were looking for.


Think a lot of people wanted them to play the same set as 97 and pretend the last two thirds of their career didn’t exist.


That was ‘the hits’. I don’t have a problem with that really. They have so many songs.

I’ve seen them 6 times and so for me this set offers nothing I want to check out on the stream.


saw them at best kept secret on sunday
was good
really lame visuals though


You should definitely watch it buddy, was sublime. They still have a power to reclaim stuff that should be dead in the water by now. Re: fake plastic trees, it all feels a bit This Life on the album by now but last night it was fucking brilliant.


Lucky and Exit Music is kinda rare for them no?


Not for me. My history is
Glasto 97
Victoria Park x2 2000
South Park 2001
Earl’s Court 2003ish
In Rainbows 2008ish

So yeah, most of the good stuff I’ve seen a few times. Lucky in 97 probably can’t be beat TBH :slight_smile:


so essentially you’re complaining about being old?


Did you see them play Permanent Daylight in 2000. Lovely stuff


Don’t recall if they did that on that night of the tent tour. I was at the Saturday and Monday.


shrug just saying I’d like to hear/see some great performances of tracks that are rare or more interesting live.

TBF they’ve got so old they don’t play Bends era stuff faster now, which is a shame.


Maybe write to them?


Maybe don’t get so needlessly defensive.


Hahaha erm…


I’m only kidding champ, take your doing and carry on :kissing_heart: