Smeeing Radiohead live


They were fucking amazing last night, from my arm chair. And illl watch it again tomorrow. And I’ve sold my Manc tickets but I’ve seen them loads, so. A band that can headline like that, where even some of their most wilful stuff are now classics, I mean that was crowd pleasing whilst being uncompromising, who else could do that? Compare other headliners this weekend. No more whinging. It was ace.


I like rarities too, was pleased to see I Promise the other night despite not even loving the song that much. Glastonbury’s probably not the best place to start busting out COM LAG in full though.


Yeah I’m really not asking for rarities in that sense. I’m just saying I’d have preferred a set with more well known album tracks that were more ‘aggressive’/different live. Say Pakt Like Sardines.

I only suggested Polyethylene because it’s the 20th anniversary of an album that very nearly featured it and they played it at the time on tour. Was half expecting a complete play through of the album. That would have also been cool.


I’ve seen them do both but not for a few years. Think they’re both still in rotation but with decreasing frequency.


I saw this video from the TKOL tour where they did Packt a bit closer to the album version, sounds pretty good but they didn’t do it again. Aside from that they don’t seem to have played it in years.


Looking for a Front Standing ticket for Manchester if anyone has one spare. Just got off the phone with Eventim who let me know that they’ve gone and cancelled the ticket I bought back in November :anguished:


Sorry to hear that. I was pretty nervous about this happening. How come it fucked up?


No idea but I’m fuming tbh. Surely the assumption should be that I’m definitely still going unless I inform them otherwise, seeing as the new date is on the same day as my original booking and in the same city? I mean, they’ve already sold the ticket and got their money…

There are still standing/unreserved seating tickets available but I’d quite like to be up front. Gutted.


They can’t assume that, there could be any number of reasons why you can’t make the new date where others could.


I was at South Park. Just think Theo. We could have actually met. I do remember being stood close to a bloke moaning about the setlist. Was it you ?


Wasn’t me. How could anyone complain about that setlist. We even got Creep instead of the Mogadon version of Motion Picture Soundtrack.


I was kidding. I do remember it pissed down though. But yes, a great gig none the less.


If it’s any consolation I had to contact Eventim 4 times before I got anywhere. Other than here/ social media I wouldn’t have known the venue changed.

Shoddy work on their behalf.


How would you suggest they’d have done it better? I’m interested given as I come from a ticketing background professionally


I very definitely would never have guessed you were joking. :neutral_face:

And yes, it pissed down and all the Oxford Tube buses had bin liners on all the seats.


Yeah, I’m not going to bother debating you on this, Ticket Industry Professional but all I know is ‘original tickets remain valid’ has been fairly standard protocol throughout my gig-going lifetime, unless of course there’s a radical change in venue, date etc. Happened to me just last month with Evan Dando - had to do fuck all except turn up at Islington Academy instead of the Scala - and those dates were almost a week apart.

I don’t have time to be rifling through junk email folders, looking for an email I wasn’t even expecting to get.

Check with those booked to see them the following night by all means, but to automatically cancel tickets for the 4th because people hadn’t proactively opted in again is fucking moronic.


I’m not trying to argue with you :slightly_smiling_face:


Took me half the verse to realise what I was singing. It’s a shame though too, as I like MPS and don’t think I’ve heard it since. Also mogadon?


Took you half a verse to realise it was Creep? Was that because they played it with drums? :wink:

Well… I know it from a bootleg that I got around 98 which is just Thom singing MPS earnestly on acoustic guitar with all the young man’s / early RH angst and it was a really strong powerful song in that form.

So when it finally surfaced on Kid A it was a bit, you know, muted and organ-style.

Now, as @plasticniki will know, Killer Cars comes in three versions: the Acoustic one, a standard rock version and then another Bends single had the ‘Mogadon Version’ which is a slower piano ballad version of it, so I think of the Kid A version of MPS as the ‘Mogadon version’.


Killer Cars is one of the best ever Creeps tracks imo.

Obvs the standard rock verj.