Smeeing Radiohead live


True Love Waits (Mogadon Version)

(never heard that 3rd version of Killer Cars)


Which version of Banana Co. do you prefer?

Standard rock for me.


Right, so you’re just making shit up then basically, I got you.

But yeah, killer cars is pretty decent.


Which one? Mogadon?

It’s on Spotify. It was a Just b-side:


Everyone likes the rock version due to Jonny channelling the Mission: Impossible theme in the solo.


Yeah the other version (Itch?) is fine, but not up there with the street spirit one.




I’m just making it clear that there are other versions :smiley:

This is the version I heard:

Remember Thom saying he played it a lot to John Leckie during the recording of The Bends and JL kept saying, “Let’s record that CRAZY song, lads,” or something.


That the version with the third verse?


Oh yeah, I forgot about the extra verse.

It’s more about the way it’s sung, I guess. The Kid A version is a better on, less Coldplay but I was too used to this to entirely go with it.

The one I keep changing my mind on is whether I prefer Kid A Morning Bell or Amnesiac’s.


fucking love that bit


I prefer the Kid A one. Jazzy.


It’s not even an acoustic version!



Pretty sure that’s an acoustic guitar. Sounds like it was recorded on MiniDisc and over-loaded the microphone plus no real bass sounds coming through.


yeah you really should. i was getting a bit emotional by the end of it (ive had a rough couple of weeks ok!)


We had it on in the background on Sunday morning, It was decent enough, yeah.


Am now listening to all four Planet Telex versions from The Bends singles.




The live version of Planet Telex off Just single #1 is so amazing.

For one thing it’s RIDICULOUSLY fast, just like live kind of should be: loads of energy in a track that would make it less comfortable to listen to at home.

But also, it’s SO ragged. The guitar work is all over the place in the first verse. Kinda funny to hear Radiohead so not in control.


I’m never starting a thread about Radioheads ever again


Sounds like an electric guitar played relatively cleanly to me Theo. There’s a descending line being played on the lower strings as well, though whether it’s the same guitar or someone on second guitar I don’t know.

Also, it’s from a Dutch radio session so that MiniDisc theory goes out the window. You can hear applause at the end as it fades.