Smee's Adventures On The Peri Peri Hotline

@eems used to work on the Peri Peri hotline. These are my questions to him about it.

  1. When?
  2. What was the interview like?
  3. What training do they give you?
    4, Best question you got asked?
  4. Weirdest question you got asked?
  5. Why did you leave.
  6. AoB.


  1. When?
    For about 3 months circa 2003

  2. What was the interview like?
    Don’t think there was one, it was through a temp agency. If there was it was basically like “can you use a computer and speak english”

  3. What training do they give you?
    I think it was about an hour sitting listening to someone else take calls. They were only taking calls on other lines the call centre operated though - the Peri Peri Hotline only received about 5 calls a day.

  4. Best question you got asked?
    I don’t remember ANY good ones. Used to get a lot asking if such and such a branch was halal, and the answer was usually yes. Got a good complaint about a rat or something once, can’t remember anything about it.

  5. Weirdest question you got asked?
    Don’t remember sorry

  6. Why did you leave.
    They called me up about an hour before I left the house for my normal Monday morning shift and told me they didn’t need me any more and not to bother coming in again.

  7. AoB.
    All the other lines the call centre operated shut at 10pm but the Peri Peri Hotline closed at 11pm so I was the only person in the building and had to lock up etc. The last train home was at about 11:15 or so and it was a 20 minute walk from the station so I had to run there every day.
    I just googled and unfortunately the Peri Peri Hotline is now just called “The Nandos Customer Hotline” which is a big step down in my opinion.


Asked for medium rare, got well done I would imagine.


Hi @eems
Were you only responsible for the Peri Peri hotline or were there other hotlines in your remit?

I was the sole person operating the Peri Peri Hotline and I was 100% dedicated to its service. I think they had just won the contract and didn’t know how busy the line would be, and when they realised how few people wanted to call it they just decided to get rid. I’m sure they could have given me a bit more notice though - I remember I was going on holiday two weeks later and was relying on the wages for spending money.

What did you do for the entire day while waiting for one of the five daily calls?

This story doesn’t add up. I smell a rat.


After I started I was the only person taking the calls. Obviously I wasn’t taking the calls before I started working there.

that’s no way to treat an employee giving 110% to the Peri Peri hotline. Their loss, mate.

Data entry. People entering Nando’s competitions and such like, adding their details onto the database. Other bits of data entry I can’t remember for other businesses too.

I don’t think I had internet access.

Was there a hotline, a super hotline and a mildline


How do I get a Nando’s black card please?

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Any chance you could regale us with a select few anecdotes from your time working for accounting association behemoth CIMA?

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