Smee's Adventures On The Peri Peri Hotline


“Peri Peri Hotline Bling
That can only Smee one thing”


Theo Fucks sake man.

Just cos your new country has no culture or history there’s no need to go systematically destroying ours.

my strapline was the first ever put into use on this site


I think MINE was the first. Sean loves Smee more than Smou.

Oh yeah well I guess we can grind stone henge into dust cos there’s actually an older shitter stonecircle on Dartmoor.

Theo, DIS demands that you undo what you’ve done.

I blame @anon50098204 and so should you, @-ing me into a post and expecting me to actually read a thread about something that only meat eaters give a shit about?

Now I look above and he took back his request but he didn’t bother to inform me either.

So I’m putting back your It’s Smee but I’m taking away his DeFonto

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Very immature theo


Nandos do veggie options.


Theo’s really gone rogue since he left us eh?


I think he actually did leave DIS, but Sean created an AI @1101010 based on his previous postings. It’s gone all Black Mirror though


Yeah but their chickens aren’t free range are they? So most veggies wouldn’t want to go there.

Fucking hell, I keep standing up for/agreeing with Theo!

But some veggies do go there, so it’s not something only meat eaters care about like what Theo reckons.

Are you sure about that? Is there any way we could find out for sure?

Honestly I just gave no reason to read every thread on here. You wake up and @anon50098204 has made a request to punk @eems. What would you do?


Also Nando’s veggie range was pretty much two things on a huge menu last time I looked? I mean the Aussie menu is literally a pitta or a burger where the only point is the piri-piri sauce.

I mean I’m happy for the meat eaters to have their cool choices but I think any veggies that choose to go there for a reason other than all their meaty mates want to eat chicken are mugging themselves.

Ban Balonz

He’s on my side here

Yeah, but still