Smee's big shout out thread

I’ll occasionally give a big shout out to something or someone in here. First up, it’s this little guy:

That looks delicious! Big shout out to you for alerting the community to it!

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You know Antoine, as soon as I got the notification I just knew it would be you replying to this thread. I totally agree with your post by the way

What gave you that level of certainty?

Also, have you ever had a radio shout out for yourself?

Just felt it in my waters.

Yes, many times.

Look, I’m having a wee snack. Too fold or not to fold?

We’re a big fan of their fish-free worcester sauce, for dipping spring rolls and dumplings into.

I strongly disagree with this

I don’t really like peanut butter that much so it’s probably best that someone else fields that one.

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That’s is missing the palm fat - using the old Elmlea keep it small marketing trick there.

This looks fantastic

Made one for my little boy too except minus the chocolate spread. Sucker


And tea

You’d love it mate. I ate it in four bites. Could’ve been two but would have made for a very claggy mouth

What is your son’s favourite food please?

Oi guys, I’ve just engaged marckee in boiler brands chat in the dog poo thread.

Blueberries by an absolute fucking mile. If they didn’t exist you’d have to rephrase the question to what food does he resist least

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Just like beagles!

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What the fuck does that mean

In the Fantastic Mr Fox it says about “Beagles love blueberries”

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I don’t think fantastic mr fox is well known enough to be quoted apro po of nothing

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