Smee's Name a Town or City that's close to this Town or City FROM HISTORY Friday Quiz #historyweek

Regular players of the game will know the basic rules, which are:

The quiz master names a town or city, and entrants PM the quiz master a town or city they think is close by. Entrants are then ranked as to how close they are.

In this special edition, the quiz master will name a town or city FROM HISTORY. This may be a long forgotten and no-longer existent place, or it may be a name of a current town or city that is no longer used, etc.

The first round will commence at 9pm-ish


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shout out to the regulars
@colon_closed_bracket @rich-t @laelfy @AQOS @anon34135029 @Ella_Megablast

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@wikihock @chadders @anon64105032 @anon67149139 @anon19035908 @paidinfull

yes plz

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Not a regular, but feel like humiliating myself


you absolutely do NOT need to be a regular to play the game!

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I created the game, and am the worst player

Nah, geography only. None of this historic rubbish.

I’m about to finish work and drive 25 miles home, otherwise I’d have been in x

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previous games have progressed beyond midnight, as you know! cheeky login when you get home x


ONE SNaToCtcttToC for me?

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I would like to play if it’s possible in a bit? Idk, hit me up when we’ve got a quorum

Yes please

Yeah geddon.

Am I too late??

OK let’s start off with a relatively straightforward one. Should be easy in terms of identifying what place it is, whether or not you can get a nearby place I will leave to the #geographyweek experts.

Particularly important to remember: distances are by car according to Google Maps.


First 3-6 to like the post play the round @laelfy @JaguarPirate @Slicky @SleepingCapybara @wikihock @anon34135029 @anon19035908 @chadders @kermitwormit


Thanks for the shout @eems, at work so should probably sit this one out :wink:

ok let’s call it a 4 player for this round. just need an answer from @JaguarPirate

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