Smelly Heights

What is the smelliest you have ever been and what was the specific area?

Humming gens?
Shit caked arse (inner)cheeks?
Behind the ear funk?

Please hurry.

^cock in hand

Was it your cock or your hand that really stunk?

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Probably right now

I’m kicking up an unruly pong from my pits right now. think i need to boil my shirt.

make sure you create a vortex in the water

What would happen if you boiled a shit? Like a firm one. Would it just become softer and softer until it broke up or might it harden. Can someone please test?

I’ll apply some vinegar too

um, are you talking about reaching the boiling temperature of the shirt material or boiling it in water?

oxters after reading festival circa 2003

lots of sweaty dancing, very little washing



I’m not boiling a shit, old boy. that’s just not my M.O.

I’ve heard that Lisa Stansfield might be up for volunteering.