Smiling at all the new DiSer pics


@Bamnan , you star!


feeling very loved and special today, thank you everyone x


Think we all echo this. It’s amazing






Sad to see my pigeon selfie go, but it’s replacement is astonishing.


Ran out of Bart in wigs pictures anyway so this came at a great time :heart_eyes:


Unsure whether to go for the plunge and abandon the Germs logo
It’s going up as my Facebook picture regardless


I keep looking at @xylo’s and forgetting it’s a cat and thinking “why has Xylo got dreads?” :smiley:



AAHHH! I’ve just noticed that the snow in @japes 's pic is his name!!!


:smiley: !


Aw where do we get one?


Hey bam when we have a board of trustees can you do these for the website pics?


not sure what this means but sure! :slight_smile: