Smirnoff ice

I havnt had one in probably 8 years but just had the a strange craving sensation for one how odd

At this time of morning?


I used to drink the black one when I was 17 and hadn’t figured out how to not drink like a twat yet.

what about a blue WKD?

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Red Square reloaded

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Made the German exchange student drink these when we all went out after my PhD viva.

I like to think I was giving him a valuable insight into British culture.

He looked horrified the whole time, obviously.

Wee Beastie!

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Get one and strawpedo it


Orange Reef for me please.

Just the flavour not to get pissed

oh jesus, wee beastie

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Went to some club in bristol that poured a Smirnoff Ice, bottle of lager and a shot of vodka into a pint glass and called it a turbo shandy.


blue wkd in a pint glass topped up with cider

the fucking thought of that now, fuck me

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I had this in Croatia and it was very much like a Smirnoff Ice…


I remember someone turning up to a party with a crate of 24 and everyone thinking he was the man ( we were young and didn’t have a lot of money so this it might as well have been champagne)

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A popular Wetherspoons combo (the only place where it was even vaguely affordable) back in the day was a blue and a red Aftershock mixed into a Smirnoff Ice in a pint glass - was called a Purple Haze. Was fucking rank :+1:

My pal used to drink Turbo Guinness in clubs: a pint glass with (red) Smirnoff Ice in the bottom, with a half pint of Guinness on top.

They’re immiscible and the Smirnoff Ice fluoresces under UV light, so it was a good dancefloor conversation starter (“What the fuck are you drinking?”)

Anyone remember Virgin Vodka Flyers? They were a bit like red bull & vodka, but did an even better job of keeping you up all night and getting you pissed. My drink of choice in my clubbing years.

Anneka Rice


Slightly irked this isn’t “immicsible”

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