Smoke alarm thread

The one in our living room stopped working but they’re not replacing it because the kitchen one and the upstairs hallway one both still work.

I keep forgetting to take it to the tip despite it being literally next door to my work.

Anything to contribute?


the one in work is ridiculously loud, not that you want it too quiet but I like having my ears being able to listen to things

Frequently hear one of the neighbours’ smoke alarms going off - Either they are terrible at cooking (ours has never gone off) or they are a health and safety rep at work and test it every week.

realised the other day that we don’t have one
also someone left the hob on the other night

We have two, both are currently out of action because they started their perms-beeping death cycle. One was almost impossible to get off the ceiling, drove me mad for a whole weekend.

We’ve actually bought batteries, just haven’t put them up yet.

Given our neighbour upstairs and his attitude to health and safety, I should probably do that ASAP.

me and my flatmate resorted to smashing one to bits once it started the death beep. it was up in a really high ceiling that we couldn’t reach, except to hit it with brooms


And that’s how you became Alpha Radiation Man!

With your sidekick Broom Boy.

do you have a carbon monoxide detector

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  • n
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A mate of mine was had a left extension done, and the builders left an old smoke detector under the new stairs. Couple of years later the death beep started and they had no idea where it was coming from. They lived with it for weeks then eventually got the builder round who hunted it out. Would have driven me insane I reckon.

we have absolutely loads, far too many for a small flat. they all started going off all the time a few months ago, was driving us absolutely mad. turned out they just all ran out of battery around the same time and we replaced them one by one and it’s fine now

Wait, what’s this about radiation?

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Some older smoke alarms use a source of alpha radiation and a radiation detector. It’s not dangerous, unless you eat old smoke detectors, but you need to the them to the tip for disposal.

Apparently it’s not just older ones.

someone’s eaten too many smoke detectors this morning

It was more convenient than taking it to the tip that I walk past every morning to get from the car park to my office.

I’ve just been hoying my old ones in the canal - I assume this is also acceptable/safe practice?

current place has smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. batteries on both went simultaneously recently and had a right time finding the carbon monoxide one. (it was hidden under the sink in the end.)

thanks for reading

Because that’s where the tip is.