Smokers/Ex-smokers: what do you do with your cigarette ends when smoking in public?


  • A. Just flick them away, not caring where they go or if they are extinguished
  • B. Drop them, stub them out under your shoe, and leave them as litter
  • C. Stub them out and put them in a bin, risking a fire
  • D. Stub them out and take them away or discard them in a proper fag-end bin

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This poll is prompted by the dozens of cigarette butts on the pavement near the tube station, and by the woman who threw her cigarette into my leg as I ran past her last night.

Clue: any answer other than ‘D’ makes you a monster.



there’s no risk of a fire if you actually stub them out properly


unless you see some dickhead running past and you can get him in the legs


That ‘if’ is doing a lot of work in that sentence.

(I should say that most bins near where I live have a proper fire-proof bit at the top anyway, for fag butts)


perhaps you’d like to revise your options so that they’re less loaded?


That is covered by ‘D’. The fire-proof compartments were deemed necessary because people didn’t stub out their cigarettes properly.


Got a cigarette thrown at me from a car window whilst cycling the other day. I gave my best death stare but really I should have picked it up and thrown it back in the car.

Worried about getting hit again so I tend not to challenge idiots any more.


usually just put them out on people’s faces tbh.


D but C if D isn’t readily available.


&yet i have seen smoke billowingout of those ‘fire-proof’ bins


Presumably because someone put normal, combustible litter in it?


shut up, mate


yeah, just get it wet and you’re fine.


I was a teenage smoker, it was a chuck it on the floor job. Maybe see how far I could flick it for fun. Usually still lit. I just genuinely thought they biodegraded pretty quickly but turns out they don’t. I suspect a lot of smokers feel the same now.


bit of D, bit of C (stubbed out properly), and a whole lot of E (thrown in the nearest storm drain)


all 4 depending on how sober I am
I suppose the most common would be stubbed out on the floor though


Not a smoker, but would go for A cos I’m cool



I’d say it’s doing the standard amount of work for an “if”. It’s incredibly easy to extinguish a cigarette.


Especially if there’s any joggers around