Smokers outside the hospital doors - Warning, thread doesn't deliver



Pipe down with all the edits in here!!!

blah too slow on my phone. Editors were rubbish

I’m wasting my life

yaas gaun yersel knickers

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I’ve been beat!

i could go on, because i had mod abilities, but i shall not

Smokers outside the hospital doors

great name for a band this

ban request

ah! afraid i’m going to have to DiSqualify you then

Woah - Cheat! Typical bikeist.

No thanks

if you edit this once a day from now you could have the most edited post in discourse history

Leaders and admins can just edit forever so can’t be included.

was quite fun watching those first few posts keep changing.

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I am going to nail this motherfuckkkkk ARGH

All those edits for two words.

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this makes my skin crawl