Smoking in movies

I’m really not one for any form of censorship and have given up smoking having not smoked since November last year so really think I’ve beaten the cigs. I do vape and it helps delivering nicotine and have reduced to e-juices of 6mg nic content from 12mg. Vaping tastes much better and I genuinely feel physically better.
However, watching ‘Three Billboards…’ at the cinema last Saturday, when Sam Rockwell’s character goes outside to smoke, the sight of a cigarette on a cinema screen, the paper burning as he lit it REALLY made me feel the way a cigarette goes to your blood. It could have made me smoke again but I resisted. It was a trigger though.

Really annoys me when they have a burning cigarette but clearly arent actually smoking - eg harvey kietel in reservoir dogs

Hope all the old black and white movies get remastered so Humphrey Bogart and the like have massive cgi vapes.


Always hate glaring continuity errors with fegs when they’re burning at different lengths throughout a scene

I’m surprised that the original 101 Dalmations has lasted so long without an edit. The (non Dalmatian) main character walks around with a pipe for pretty much the entire film.

I always assumed the actor portraying Cigarette Smoking Man in X-Files was either an ex-smoker or a non-smoker because he’d take the tiniest tokes on the (fake?) cigs he was smoking. Looked really odd.

Bothered to check:

Despite being known for his smoking character, Davis quit smoking in the 1970s; when The X-Files started up, he was given a choice between herbal cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. At first, he chose to use tobacco cigarettes, but switched to herbal because he was afraid of becoming addicted to them again.

So there we go.

I seem to recall somewhere in Europe (Turkey?) they digitally removed all the cigarettes in Mad Men although a quick Google revealed nothing.

I believe they removed something (cigars?) from a classic movie aimed at kids though.

Despite a huge crackdown on tobacco advertising, shop displays, packet design etc. there is still LOADS of smoking going on in movies and TV.

I often wonder why the producers/directors chose to have some characters who smoke, and what they think it contributes to a particular scene or character’s personality. Someone involved in the production and filming must have decided “in this scene this character will be smoking a cigarette”, but for what purpose exactly?

Do tobacco companies provide funding for films and TV on the condition that there is smoking involved? Obviously they can’t display brands or logos but maybe it’s the tobacco industry promoting smoking in general by doing this.

smoking’s cool
a character smoking = cool character