Smoking: The Polls

  • Heavy Smoker (10+ per day)
  • Smoker (<10 per day)
  • Social Smoker
  • Occasional Smoker
  • Former Smoker
  • Tried it, never got into it
  • Never tried a tab

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i’m a former occasional smoker i suppose


Social smoker but really need to knock that shit on the head.


Worse than being an everyday smoker I swear. Fucking grim going out for a few pints and waking up realising you’ve chuffed 10 tabs the night before. Feels so grim


Wheezy as all balls in the morning, clothes and hair absolutely reek.


Most enjoyable cigarette

  • ‘last’ one
  • after a curry
  • after sex
  • to steady you out when you’ve got the spins
  • after something stressful (exam/interview/argument)
  • other

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Occasional smoker I guess?

I’ll smoke between 2-10 a night maybe 4 or 5 times a year, when I go out with my brother/my friend Nick.


10+ smokes a day ain’t a heavy smoker, dude

80 a day is heavy


very occasional smoker.
that being said if i am off on one then i can smoke a fair bit


weigh a ton in this motherfucker


If you’re smoking 10 a day, every day, it’s a proper habit, and costing you £120+ a month.


I’d say anything over 20 is heavy.


not if you do a run to roscoff every few months, buy a shit load of tobacco at £7 a pouch, peddle that shit in pubs for £12 a pouch (£10 if you buy 5 or more) and basically get a free trip to roscoff, an oyster lunch and free tabs til the next time you do it, it aint


Im on 10+ rollies a day

Cost £10 a week

Still should stop


you’re getting 70+ tabs out of 25g?




I’ve gone for occasional smoker, in that I only smoke when I drink alcohol. That being said, I have no problem going through an entire pack in an evening of drinking.


I would call that ‘social’ tbh. Occasional’s for people who do it a couple of times a year


But what if I’m having a drink by myself aggpass, WHAT THEN


you’re better than this