Posting this thread because I’m starting to get anxious about my future long-term health. I’m in my mid-20s and I’ve been smoking for about 9 years (started when I was in 6th form, basically did it because I was utterly miserable and smoking gave me something to look forward to during the day, plus my friends did it), but I’ve been smoking lightly (1-2 a day if that, then maybe 6-7 most Fridays) for most of that time (although I’ve mostly smoked filtered rollies which I’m convinced are worse for you than cigarettes, although some people argue cigarettes are worse because of all the extra chemicals or someting… I really don’t know). I am meaning to buy a decent vape very soon, once I’m less broke.

If I’ve smoked (lightly) for 9 years, does this mean I’ve probably blown my chances of living until 100? Or can my health still go back to that of a non-smoker if I give up now and never smoke again, given I’m still young?

Feel free to share your own worries about your smoking habits. Probably not the most appropriate thread for a Friday. I’ve probably posted this thread before.

Would you want to live to be 100? Can’t think of anything worse tbh m9.


Sunday night to 5pm on a Friday I’m fine, absolutely gagging for one as soon as a beer touches my lips on a Friday night. Probs smoke about 10 a week though so it’s fine, throat feels like shite the morning after if I go fully off the rails though

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Also hate having to be inside all night. Probs the main reason for smoking is to get into the beer garden where all the good chat lives


easily the best thing about smoking


Quit about 6 months ago for the same reasons you’ve stated above, although I was a heavy smoker for 10 years.

Bought one of these and never looked back

Inexpensive, and requires no maintenance. I’ve had the same one for steady use for 6 months and no problems. Plus you can buy the resupply cartridges from newsagents or the nicer fruity ones from their website.

Plus if you’re a light smoker, a big vape thing will likely be far too harsh for you as they are for me.

happy to answer any questions you might have

gave up at 25 after smoking 20 a day, you can do it! x


Only smoked when i’m drunk so stopped getting drunk and now i neither smoke nor drink and life’s depressing.


Want a fag now

Both big AND clever.


Instantly.makes you look cool


I’ve thought about giving up smoking as I’ve just come out of a long-term relationship with a heavy smoker, so there’s no real reason to keep going. But you know what, I enjoy it, don’t smoke during the week, keep healthy through other ways, so CHEERS * lights up, takes a big drag, hocks a big loogy on the pavement *

quit smoking about 9 years ago and as a result i’m fully qualified to confirm that vaping looks shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt


Smoked heavily from the ages of 15 - 27 then quit after reading that Allen Carr book. Really embarrassing as I generally think those types of self help books are nonsense.

smoke about 10 on a normal day - 20-25 when I’m on the pints.

People who have quit:

  • I have actually quit
  • I still smoke socially, just don’t pay for them anymore

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starting to cut down on Mary J smoke as I progress through my 20s but it makes the occasional dabbles even more sublime

never for the life of me understand why people smoke cigarettes, other than that it’s addictive

Thanks for sharing, looks like a good product.

Does it still give you the same satisfaction as real smoking though. I don’t want to quit the habit completely, I still want to ‘smoke’ in pubs and stuff, and still get the same satisfaction. I bought a cheap e-cigarette 5 years ago (those things that look exactly like real cigarettes) and it had no effect on me, didn’t like the taste of it and I still wanted to smoke regular cigarettes. I think it was just badly designed, it was basically like smoking a big cigarette and the filter thing you smoke out of was too wide.

I am a light smoker but then again I smoke rollies, which are apparently stronger than cigarettes.