I followed a video on YouTube. Involves hot water, a pin and some pliers.


Cancer and cardiovascular risks take ages to reverse (10+ years usually), but your health would become broadly equivalent to a non-smoker if you quit now, yeah.

Crack on until you’re 100, I reckon. :slight_smile:


How about my wrinkles? Can quitting smoking also reverse the physical ageing I’ve done to myself? Or is that permanent?

Probably a stupid question.


Fuck knows


Ugh been back on them properly lately. Lost my tobacco last night and I can’t really afford another £15 on a new pack. This is the first day in a good while I’ve not had any fegs and I feel just terrible and irritated. Really should quit it but just everyone I know smokes like fuck. Eep


I get you. I started smoking when drinking, then the stress and anxiety of a new job made me seek a sort of ‘safe place’ and ended up smoking about 5-10 a day which was a lot for me on weekdays plus usual weekend intake (20+ a night). It’s hard but you can manage it.

Now I very rarely smoke during the week and if I do it’s when I might find myself in a pub for whatever reason from Wednesday onwards and I justify having one or two because ‘it’s nearly the weekend’ (when I still allow myself to smoke).

That progress is good though, I feel like I’ve achieved something by cutting down. That all gets fucked out the window when you go literally anywhere abroad and EVERYONE is smoking and living healthy enough appearing lives.

Right behind you though, try and quit. Especially if you can’t afford it.


This is definitely holiday confirmation bias:

I used to give myself smoking holidays whenever on, well, holiday…


Oh, btw I’ve got a vape and it’s been 8 months since I’ve touched a cigarette.

I think I found it easier after finishing uni and then getting a new job… basically when you’re going through some sort of change it’s easier I think. But having a decent vape is bloody effective, didn’t even have to cut down with real cigarettes as I started it, just gave up straight away and suffered no withdrawal symptoms, haven’t even noticed the transition.

I got this (when I was on a budget), really good value for money:

I pretty much only use it socially, e-juice only costs me about £5 every 2 months or so. I’m a light vaper.


Glad that it’s working for you! I definitely don’t have the self control required for it. Vaping only made me more reliant on nicotine and I felt like a dick always rolling off my mates when we were out.


I really felt like I needed to stop completely as I’d been doing it for nearly 10 years, which scared the hell out of me (started when I was 16 because I was depressed + my friends smoked). I guess tbf I managed to give up by cutting down to the point where I’d only have a few rollies at the weekend, at that point I thought I might as well just give up completely, and spend some time carefully browsing the internet for a decent vape because I’ve had some shit useless ones before (including one that a DiSer recommended). It’s annoying when everyone you know smokes because inevitably you’ll end up wanting to smoke when they smoke, but getting a vape solves this problem, at least it has for me. Just always have to charge it up before going out with friends and filling it with e-juice, always making sure I’ve got enough, because I know won’t cope if I run out of battery power/e-juice.


hey pal, the body is an amazingly resilient thing and many studies have shown that the lung can do a great job of recovering, it won’t happen overnight but studies say within 15 years your risk of bad things goes down to that of a non-smoker (i’m paraphrasing extremely here, so citation needed). you’re on the right track and that’s the main thing. i still kick myself for smoking in social situations.