snack and banal discussion thread

any snackage?
any banal?

going for a coffee (at 4pm!!!) and then to raid the snack box on my way back, wish me luck.

Had a kit kat earlier as a treat for getting through a tough couple of days at work

going home in ONE HOUR, LADS

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bored. going home. might eat some snacks when i get there.

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might get a coffee (no snax)

legs are still goosed after killing them with squats and bicycles yesterday

I’m going home, had enough of this shit tbqh

Nice one, man

Sparkling water ofc, Finn Crisps and houmous*

*what’s the house style on this spelling?

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chunky show down

  • standard chunky
  • white chunky
  • dark chunky
  • pb chunky
  • salted caramel chunky
  • other?

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hugh mouse

Hasnt he done well?


salted caramel

pb can get stuffed

This is my go-to, reckon it probably changes sometimes tho

Just had a packet of pulled pork walkers. Even though I’ve supposedly already eaten my dinner I feel like I’m going to want another meal :cry:

Going to have a coffee and one each of these


into my mouth

haha in this case i meant ‘pb’ to mean ‘poo balls’, so you actually just said you want poo balls in your mouth haha

>sook tea through wafer

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I dipped it, feel a bit naughty :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Currently snacking on a massive plate of pineapple and honeydew melon. Gonna spend my afternoon working on a budget and other related fun stuff.

silly leafy