snack and banal discussion thread

there’s a box of roses on the go in the office


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Orange and strawberry creme please

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A spoonful of peanut butter and some almonds

YES! Those are the WORST. I’d share a box of roses with you any day @laelfy

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how are they the worst, you’re the worst

@scout no one has called me Brock yet, I’m sad

How are they not the worst? You’re not NOT the worst.

Which ones do you like then?

dunno i’m pretending they don’t exist

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way to gif, no gif


Where do you shop? I’ll have a tannoy announcement made. Can Brock please make his way to the cashier desk?

all i’ve had today is 5 slices of toast with vuna

what is

Vuna sounds like a band i’d listen to

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Vegan tuna or typo :thinking:

vegetarian tuna
can’t be bothered writing veggie before everything i eat. please remember this so it doesn’t come up again


What’s it made from?

Had a banana about half an hour ago. Bruised, as they always seem to be by midweek.

bought from shop in a little pot
@ericVI soya