Snack audit



what you be having?

got a cup of tea and a muffin (blueberry)


I’m halfway through a banana


Might cracking open some cashews




Chocolate chip BelVita.

Snack Audit.



Just a cup of tea. There are no snacks to be had.

I’m peckish.


got an apple on my desk


Tunnocks Teacake and strawberry Ribena


great work, laelfy. love a teacake.


I’m not so sure about the strawberry ribena though


no food til dinner time


Why? Cause it’s for kids, or too sugary?


Nakd cocoa orange bar
M&S sea salt and balsamic vinegar lentil curls
1 x stroopwaffle

To have:
1 x Banana


I think because it’s too sugary, does it go well with the tunnocks? I’d imagine tea would be better.


I don’t drink tea, apart from green tea. Green tea would’ve been good, in hindsight. I’m in my parents home today, so limited to what’s there.


will probably have one of these:

before or during a bike ride later on


I just scoffed some Mr Kipling bakewell slices and a cup of tea. Someone feel free to make me a coffee! Many thanks.


Still snacking on some dried fruit & nuts and just drained a coffee. Might go make myself another one :coffee:


Milk? Sugar?


had a trial of Tribe shit the other week and had this on Saturday: