Snacking: a curse


How much you snacking these days? It used to be a real problem for me - used to have food to hand constantly inbetween meals, never really ever felt hungry etc. Have now kicked it altogether with the exception of the occasional indulgent latte/similar. Hbu?

  • Hit the road snack (I never have snacks)
  • Snack street’s snack alright (i have a snack daily)
  • Snack once again with the etc (I have a couple of snacks daily)
  • Return of the snack (I am constantly in range of, and eating, snacks)

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Bonus: if you have snacks today, pls show me


Used to be a massive snackhead but show an awful lot of restraint these days. No biscuits taken in the early hours anymore.


Try not to, but struggle. If it’s there, I’ll eat it.


I designate you as

Looking snack over my shoulder


Occasionally snack,


Yep I have to not go into anywhere during a day that could catch me with impusle snack buying coz it gets tempting


Massive failing for me (as well as wine) when I am trying to be healthy / lose a few pounds.
Find that I am eating too many biscuits atm


Luv 2 snack


Whatever I scoff, whatever I chew, I’m gonna eat it.

I just want to snack for good.


Okay and also, and I was formerly the first one of these: what’s your hunger situ if you’re a snacker

  • I never feel hungry because I am always snacking
  • I am always snacking because I always feel hungry

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Amazing how bad for you biscuits are.



if i have to wait at all for my train after work i’ll buy a cheese / fake sausage roll and eat it there and then


Standing around on stations near those kiosks is so dangerous for snackers agrd


You’re lucky meo isn’t around at the mo to beeve wildly about the difference between a snack and a treat.


Third option:

I am always snacking because I have a complex emotional relationship with food


If I have snacks I will snack until I have no more snacks.

Just got to make sure I never have snacks in the house and never go shopping when hungry.


Coffee shops are always an issue with me. Those little pastries. I asked the coffee shop I go to to never upsell me coz I’m weak and they’ve stayed true to that!


Less than daily, but not quite never. If someone’s brought some biscuits in I’ll probably have one. Never at home.


I’d love to hear someone explain how this works tbh