Snacktivities to do

much more wholesome, thanks

and what happened to the big bunny in the end?

Use licourice laces so it’s all edible

worst take i’ve ever heard

Scones work on their own: slice in two, get some nice butter on there then experiment with the cream or jam in various orders and finally try to eat it with as little mess as possible

I am not a massive fan of it but it’s better than string to eat and I would obviously use the red variety

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this is just preparing food, it is not an activity.

making a tuna sandwich would not be an activity. I suggest you go and think about all that you’ve done in this thread and come back when you’re ready to give it a better go.


Got ate.

Hey man I opened good. You don’t like red licourice that’s on you.

as someone that has been given SALTED licorice on many occasions and made to believe that it was just a normal nice sweet, I actually find this offensive. Licorice ruins lives, theo.

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Oh yeah I meant both but the order is there to be tested to make sure it makes zero difference which is first.

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honestly the licorice suggestion got to me. I love theo but do the crime, do the time.

Ah yeah swallowing all of the strawberry lace like a bird but holding onto the end so you can drag it all back up after it’s gone deep inside your bod.

This isn’t really an activity but my dad was telling me last night about a place in Clydebank that does a thing where they stuff a roll with ice cream, batter and deep fry it. Think this could be very interesting with cake instead of a roll. Just thought I’d share that with you.

you could, but he didn’t mention his feet. I will concede that, in theory, making any sort of food with anything but your hands would be considered a snacktivitiy.

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that sounds divine, gimme

You can’t compare an obvious troll like that with red licourice. If I handed you joke shop salt smarties it wouldn’t mean Smarties were forever damned, you pultroon!

yeah but smarties are really nice in the first place aren’t they

really nice


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