Snail Mail are back

with a really nice song which is enjoyable. Album due in Nov

Cool video too:


Good stuff. Great band

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Like it

Very pleased they’re back, I thought they might have disappeared without a trace

Last record was one of my favourite of the last few years. This track is a belter!


That is excellent. High hopes for the album, the first one is brilliant.

Really glad they’re back and agree with Piwi, their last LP was great (Lush pictured) I wasn’t sure they were still going as I hadn’t heard much about them in the last three years - the new LP was a cool surprise.


This is quite the change in style for them - I spent the first couple of minutes a little :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, but when the guitar kicked in I was like :relieved:. #propermusicwanker

But I’m prepared to give their new album some time regardless, since Lush was such a slow burner for me. Didn’t get the hype at first - it just sounded like run-of-the-mill indie to me, until one day many months later it finally clicked.

It’s such a well-paced album, and I love the fact that it’s circular too, ending back at the same fragile declarations of devotion that it started with.

Never been a huge fan (don’t get on that well with her voice, and preferred other similar bands who seemed to get unfairly underrated imho) but this is great. Got it looping already, pretty addictive beat

Such as?

not to do the “comparing female-fronted indie rock bands” to each other thing too much, but I felt like they got way more plaudits than Soccer Mommy who I much preferred, at least her first album which was out around the time of Lush. Same thing with Japanese Breakfast, who I was raving about around the time of Soft Sounds but didn’t seem to get all that much love - luckily that’s been completely corrected with her newest album!