Snail Mail are back

In 10 songs, written over 2019-2020 by Jordan alone, we are taken on an adrenalizing odyssey of genuine originality in an era in which “indie” music has been reduced to gentle, homogenous pop composed mostly by ghost writers.

very irritating piece of writing

Bit good this

The bad thing about 30 minute albums is that they are only 30 minutes long.

The good thing about 30 minute albums is you get to press play again even quicker.

I’m not going to listen to much else this month, I can tell.

Lovely this. Reminds me of the really strong Aimee Mann stuff. Just really lush and moreish

Very very very good record imo

first two are excellent and the best things I’ve heard from her, but my interest drops off a bit after that

will persevere

Forever (Sailing) is great. Love the drawl and crack in her voice

Tours been postponed for lindsey to have vocal cord surgery

thought she sounded a little raw on the Colbert (?) performance I saw, though might just be projecting

hope she recovers quickly

really really enjoying this new record


looks like The Goon Sax are supporting on the UK tour, which is a very cool pairing

Got 2 tickets for Manchester Thursday (and a hotel room if anyone wants that) if anyone is looking for a cheap one