Snap election snap poll

Green, SNP, Plaid, yes.

LibDem, no.

I guess that’s covered by the ‘if you thought it would make a difference’ bit in your question though.


Might chuck the entire life savings on a tory majority at 1/5. Literally no other possible outcome is there

ain’t nothing but a landslide, baby

How does the Tory election fraud and purdah work, can no one mention it now?

Live in a Tory/LibDem marginal, so gonna have to vote for that Milk Guy’s party…

I live in a place that was roughly 50/50 con/lib but the later was destroyed at the last election down to 15% only a couple points above Labour, so not sure how to vote this time

You have articulated precisely my thoughts here, Ant. Good work.

Your thoughts make for badly formatted sentences too!?

Similarish situation here. Tory stronghold with LDs as historically the 2nd largest party. Live in a Remain constituency, so LD vote will probably return to 2010 levels.

Lifelong labour voter, don’t really want to vote for Corbyn, but can’t face voting for anyone else. Ho hum.


My constituency has a Labour MP with a 21,000 vote majority, so I reckon I can chuck one to the Greens.

Yeah it was remain here too so maybe they will bounce back

Are you Vicky Foxcroft as well?

Never heard it called that before!


I am indeed.

I actually quite like her so I’ll probably vote Labour.

I’ve also realised that I’ll be out of the country again so chances are I’ll forget to sort my postal vote and all of this will be moot.

Same here (Hilary Benn’s not going anywhere)

Can someone tell me what is the benefit of spoiling a ballot?

It’s officially recorded so can be interpreted as an official “none of the above” option but it is largely completely pointless