Snap Evening Thread - Tuesday

I’ve got English muffins for breakfast tomorrow.

Name something you’re looking forward to tomorrow.

I’m starting psychotherapy tomorrow. Not looking forward to that in the short run, but long-term it’s going to be a very good thing :slight_smile:


alright keef? having a bit of a shit week. struggling to think of anything i’ve got to look forward to full stop, never mind tomorrow specifically lol

idk might get a big sandwich or something

Are you at Blanck Mass or Deafheaven at the weekend?

Speaking of snap, I’m expecting pizza to be delivered any moment…

I’m looking forward to leftover pizza for breakfast tomorrow…

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prolly not

oh i know, Flèche Wallonne is tomorrow so will watch some of that instead of doing any work

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Hiya keith :rainbow:

I bought hot cross buns and my bf bought mini simnel cakes. They’re quite pretty …

So if I don’t them all tonight then I’m going to look forward to eating them all tomorrow with a cup of tea.


Never eaten a simnel cake - explain them to me.

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Did some pork with a salad that had mango, mint leaf and lemongrass in it. Exotic


It’s like a christmas cake but lighter and with marzipan baked through the middle and on top. So the middle marzipan is all gooey (drool) and the marzipan on top is toasted a little. It is brilliant… if you like fruit cake or marzipan, which I do.

So are you going to Blanck Mass on Friday? I was dithering about it the other day. It’s probably sold out…

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I don’t mind a fruit cake but marzipan is no friend of mine.

You are welcome to continue eating them.

You’d be surprised - last year was busy but I don’t think it sold out.

Evening keith and etc. Went hunting for cheap eggs in tesco, they had the small ones for 75p (down from 1.50) so got a few of those for myself and the flatmates. Minor victories. Not much on tomorrow, spose I’m looking forward to devouring any chocolate I don’t get through tonight

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I’m regretting taking so many photos when I was in Japan. I weeded down 1000+ to about 80, but I’m still editing them. I hate the sight of photoshop right now, esp after spending all weekend colouring in artwork on it.

Oh really? That’s weird because I was talking to my mate Marzipan the other day and he was raving about you and about what good friends you are. His little gooey marzipan heart will be broken (eaten, by me).

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Tonight having burritos. Tomorrow i will look forward to Masterchef. That’s all I have to report.

hi keith and etc

@Tilly @jordan_229 i watched 8 or 9 lambs race up and down a field today. so many levels of cuteness


I am looking forward to tomorrow being Wednesday, as it will be one day closer to the weekend, when I will be… hmm. Might need something to look forward to at the weekend.

I’m in the pub drinking half pints of Mikkeller’s Hallo Ich Bin Berliner raspberry sour. Man I wish I was still in Copenhagen :sleepy:


evening all

tomorrow I am going to wear my excellent chevron bright dress that always cheers me up. not that I am grumpy or anything but I think what with the election we’re going to have to take any joy we can from each tiny situation.