Snapped Ankles



Been listening to this lot a lot lately, really doing it for me.

The threesome of Hanging With The Moon / I Want My Minutes Back / Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin on Come Play The Trees is just :kissing_fingers:


new album on the way isn’t there?

enjoyed the debut but haven’t gone back to it recently, must put that right.

their name really makes me wince though. too squeamish.


Great live band, not sure I can be arsed to listen on record


You’re so jammy to get to see them live. They’ve not been anywhere near where I live.

On record, they’re probably the finest band of the past two years. The new single Drink and Glide is a real winner too.


Big fan of these. Saw them at Green Man this year playing at about 1 in the morning. Really surreal and incredible experience, (I now only associate listening to their music at night or when I’m driving at night now) brilliant band and @ma0sm, you’re spot on about that run of 3 tracks, bloody marvellous. Add in Let’s Revel, the way that builds and then FINALLY erupts - awesome.


Yep, giving this a go now and I like it. Thanks again.

They remind me a bit of Super Best Friends Club. Give them a go if you’re not familiar. The second track on the album reminded me of this in particular:


Yeah that was a great set


Interesting, sounds like an Alt-J / Django Django hybrid on first listen. The Django link I can definitely hear in Snapped Ankles too, but with a load of Devo chucked in for good measure.


About 9 of them on stage at one point playing those log instruments and dancing through the crowd, great fun! The TV loved them as well.


The first track on the second album is really nice, and ‘Sunshine? Super Megatron!’ from the first album is absolutely insane and probably one of my favourite tracks from the last 10 years.

Every band should chuck in a load of Devo for good measure.


Just interviewed them, absolutely love their outlook on music, performance, and pretty much everything.


Saw Snap Jangles at Blue Dot last year.

That’s my current level of contribution to this tgreadm


Here’s my interview with them

I like to think we took post-punk literally and made posts.