Snickers Appreciation Thread

I’ve tried all chocolate bars. All of them.
Honourable mention to the Topic, Picnic, dairy milk fruit and nut, but the humble snickers is actually the best.
Congratulations Snickers bar!!!




I like saying the word Snickers in a Dutch accent

Love a Snickers.

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think over the years I have definitely underappreciated a snickers. Taken it for granted, but I’ve always come home. Come home to the greatest chocolate bar of them all!!!11

Snickers ice cream bars better


Had a lifelong dislike for snickers till i tried one again last year, enjoyed it enough but not enough to repeat the experience.

I really love Snickers. Sometimes buy the Duos because I want two.

Low key the best Celebration as well



Nobody I know likes Snickers so I get big handfuls of leftover Snickers Celebrations every January.

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Chocolate bars generally are overrated aren’t they. Chocolate biscuits are underrated

One of these statements is correct.

Snickers are ok.

I needed to eat something quickly before heading to a pub once and quickly ate a Snickers and a banana. A banana-y Snickers taste in my mouth was strangely present. Worth a try.

Best selling chocolate bar in the world, and there’s good reason for it

My diabetic Uncle usually has one sticking out of his breast pocket, because he likes to keep one on him but doesn’t want it squashed.
He’s also 78, 6’5 and smokes a large pipe, he’s a bit of a sight tbh.
Actually he’s probably a bit shorter now with age.

What I like to do he duncle.

  • Chocolate bars are overrated
  • Chocolate biscuits are underrated
  • Neither statement is true
  • Prefer not to say

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Can’t believe this hasnt had a like. Best thing I’ve said post-Diana.

Nope not falling for it