Snikt - we need to talk about Logan (spoilers allowed)


Anyone else seen Logan yet?

Went yesterday morning and feel it is a fine way for Jackman to bow out - they promised us Wolverine fans a truer depiction and by god did they deliver in the respect of:

Swearing? Fuck yeah!
People getting plain stabbed in the head (also see: gore)? Oh, you betcha!

So, on that level, we have a Wolverine film that lives up to that expectation, plus it was a character-driven piece rather than being all about mutants and super powers and fighting to save the day.

Thought Jackman and Stewart played off each other well, and Dafne Keen was awesome as mini-Wolvie (despite barely just having more lines than Mark Hamill did in TFA :smile:).

However, I was left unsatisfied as the film ‘as a whole’ because it ends with all these young laboratory mutants just wandering off - do we smell a sequel? Also, I thought Gabriella said the children were being put to sleep after the experiment was deemed a failure, unless I mis-heard that bit?

Has already raked in nearly $240 million globally.

“That’s my father, Chuck.” :joy:


Enjoyed it a lot.

A movie full of rage and pain and despair and the sheer frustration of getting old and not being able to physically do stuff that you used to. I can relate.

Extraordinarily and almost unceasingly violent.

Did get the slight impression that the kiddie mutants at the end could probably have fucked everyone up and got away on their own without Wolverine involvement.

There’s a flashback that shows the kids escaping from the medical facility when the guards try to kill them.


Was great up until X24 turned up, I was then reminded of those shitter Wolverine movies and just about recovered by the end.


Yeah, I know what you mean about the ending - Laura was kicking butts throughout the whole thing no problem. Perhaps it’s because they were picked off one-by-one while running? It was cool how they all eventually dealt with Donald Pierce, but they were all stood together at that particular moment.

Oh was there? I don’t recall that - I do remember seeing one kid strapped up and being injected though. Cool - i may go watch it again at the cinema, which is something I wouldn’t say about the more recent X-Men films.

I also liked how they mirrored the Quicksilver scenes with the more laboured Professor X meltdowns.


Smerch is in it which makes it the only superhero movie I’d consider seeing. Not going to though


Might go and see it after work


He’s good in it but knowing it’s him did take me out the film for the first few scenes he’s in.

Got given a classic ‘kiss-off’ though!


really, really good, that


If there’s one thing I need serious artworks about the tragedy of human existence to be, it’s through the lens of comic book heroes.


Yeah that was great. Really brutal, and subverted a lot of tired x-men/superhero tropes in a cool way. Particularly enjoyed Wolfy shooting Dr. Evil in the neck mid-monologue :grinning: