Terry & June was BBC, too!

Everyone’s seen the X factor
Nobody enjoyed it

20 years, really?

I find ITV’s output comparable to the BBC (not saying that’s who you compare ITV with).

e.g. Timothy Spall in the Hatton Garden heist drama starting soon. Looks great.

ITV have got all the dickheads haven’t they. Morgan, Cowell, Walliams, Bishop etc.




Totally with you on this. I’ve very live-and-let-live generally, but one has to drawer line.


versus Lloyd-Webber,, Nick Ferrari, Clarkson, Fearne Cotton

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Can’t really think of any non-sport programming I’ve seen on ITV for a long time.

ITV4 gets a very regular outing though. Watched a hell of a lot of darts this weekend for instance.

The Voice is on ITV now, has found his natural home. Also, the people you mention are all berks but nothing quite as bad as giving a breakfast morning tv job to a man who signed off on the hacking of a dead girl’s phone.

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I dunno. I’ve watched a few things on the ITV Player (I quite like Endeavour and find Midsomer Murders kinda comforting), but I can’t be doing with adverts. I don’t watch a great deal of TV anyway, but between BBC1, BBC2, BBC4, Channel4, online and box sets, there’s no reason for me to choose to watch the soaps, reality TV shows, gameshows and cookie-cutter detective series that seem to make up most of its prime-time broadcasts.

Yeh, that is inexcusable. Obviously would benefit from more Madeley

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‘These aren’t my best jeans’.

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just superb

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Jeremy Kyle is on ITV. He’s great

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I just looked it up and you’re right, could have sworn there were adverts - must have been on Granada Plus or UK Gold.

This seems a bit disingenuous as there’s plenty of that on BBC1, BBC2, BBC4, Channel4.

I’m a Celeb… is acquiring almost enough self-awareness these days that could easily see it broadcast on BBC1

So, are you rich?
Are you?

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I didn’t say that they weren’t on the other channels, but rather that between the other channels, there’s enough not to need to watch any of that, especially ones of a lower quality, and ones stuffed with adverts.

I was in a meeting a while back, and used the word “specifically”. Minutes of the meeting come round, they’ve minuted what I’ve said but have me down as saying “pacifically”. I DIDN’T SAY THAT, WHY WOULD I SAY THAT, DO I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO MIGHT SAY PACIFICALLY WHEN THEY MEAN SPECIFICALLY?

Obviously I said nothing and another little bit of me died.


there is no way in hell i could have let that go