Snooker beverages #snookerweek

What might you fancy whilst playing snooker?

Guess you’re not allowed alcohol anymore.

Remember when Jimmy White had milk?

Probably would like a cup of tea myself, but then the water sponsors might get mad.

Bet Trump likes a squash…

Anyway…here you go @Mert_Aksac

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:wine_glass::beer::tea::tumbler_glass::cup_with_straw::pink_drink: :coffee:

The tumbler glass looks more brown on my phone and the coffee is black. Fucked it. Sorry slicky

Associate it with playing in old men clubs so either a Guiness or an old fashioned bitter.

If Big Snooker made me go non-alcholic Id have a ginger beer

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Lager top or a pint of mild

Bill Werbeniuk takes some beating

Werbeniuk was noted for the copious amounts of alcohol he consumed before and during matches – at least six pints before a match and then one pint for each frame. In total, he drank between 40 and 50 pints of lager per day.


POT of tea.

Ha ha


I find when playing pool that I play at my best after 2 pints of ale, but it rapidly goes down hill after that. I’m going to assume snooker would be the same.

Non-alcoholic beverages, I’m not so sure about. The problem with a hot beverage like tea would be that after a long visit to the table it’d be stone cold. Something fizzy would go flat. Maybe water is the best option after all.

I’d have a bottle of orange lucozade every frame


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a nice hot chocolate

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pint_drink for me too please

gatorade, from one of those giant bucket things like the americans do. when i win i could celebrate by emptying it over john virgo, like the americans do


Would be interested to know what this ‘pink drink’ is

Dont believe this

you better believe it…binch

A pint of Guinness.

Probably just Bourbon and Max

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Brown lemonade


This or McDaids Football Special.

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Had a Cidona the other day for the first time in ages and they’ve fucked it with the sugar removed too. Immediately wondered if Football Special had been ruined as well