Snooker beverages #snookerweek


Fuck I’ve not had a cidona in at least 10 years.
Conversely I hadn’t even seen Football special anywhere for years until it started showing up in the local Mace and chippy.
Tastes great to me.
Also got back into Barr and Maine American cream sodas this past year. :grinning:

Blue drink

Strawberry nesquik


Pint of heavy in a dimpled mug, I reckon

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When I was in Porto in 2001 for the Boavista-Liverpool game, we ended up in a bar by the Douro that had a lurid pink liqueur - the sort of shade you simply don’t see in nature - in a bottle with a handwritten label.
(Didn’t try it, obviously. I might have been drunk but I’m not an idiot.)

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A snooker commentator saying ‘Did somebody say beveragino?’