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The old thread has disappeared or has been made private. Not sure why.

Anyway, I wanted to post this:

I think it’ll probably be back later:

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Oh, okay. I’ll repost in the old thread when it reappears.

Great :+1:

Good work on the tagging on this one, mind.

@whiterussian, could this thread be merged into this one?

Will do after dinner!

oh, no rush, I just created this one before realising what was happening to the existing threads.

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Bit of an upset to start off this afternoon. Predictions?

In other news, they were saying at the mid session interval that triple crown winners will be entitled to wear a crown badges

  • Nice idea
  • Bit naff
  • I have no strong opinions about this

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Also, there’s no Ronnie this time, as he felt his place should go to someone who “will give it 110%”. Bit odd.

smurphy playing on while needing three snookers on the blue in the first frame


Anyone watching?

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Ah shit missed this thread. Sorry @blimeycharlie!

Was a mixed bag of a tournament. Final was bloody good though. Don’t know where Bingham had been hiding before the interval. Could hit a thing and then couldn’t miss a thing. Remarkable.

I notice Ali Carter didn’t actually congratulate Stuart Bingham in his interview straight after the match last night. Telling.



Someone should have told that ref that picking up wasps isn’t a clever thing to do.

Anybody following the Welsh Open. Just saw Jimmy White going in before his match. He’ll now be on his way home as he lost to James Wattana unfortunately…

Saw a bit of it yesterday - Trump giving James Cahill a bit of a mauling.

Trump and Robertson have been tearing it up the last few months, both of them in the very best of form.

@moderators can we change the thread to All purpose Snooker Thread 2020 please. If that’s ok ?


Of course.

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