Snooker thread ⚪🔴⚫

“I’ve been asked some stupid questions in my time but that’s up there “


Masterful from Judd. He could have beaten him any time he pleased, but instead he chose to break him.


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is higgins the one who was caught match fixing?

Was kind of hoping Higgins would concede with fourteen reds on the table there.



Never nice to see a tired old animal put to sleep

Was hoping for more cue action chat in the post match interview

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fucking hell

just the most amazing afternoon session, great stuff


what a post this was

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Was lit living my life yesterday (when i wanted to be at home watching snooker) so enjoyed reading through this

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lol one minute into the broadcast and the BBC already need to send someone out to put a penny in the meter.

Why have I turned this on now. Nothing’s going to happen for half an hour is it.

Feel like if Ronnie starts getting a big lead it’ll cut back to the studio and Hendry will be sat there with a bottle of whiskey


Ronald loves picking things up off the table and dabbing chalk marks etc


He already looks like a broken man

He’s all about the twitches at the moment isn’t he.

Trump’s going to be feeling chuffed he’s got a frame on the board here.

He can be a monumental prick though to be fair


Bozhilova would have sparked him out by now

this is fucking ridiculous

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