Snooker thread ⚪🔴⚫

Unbelievable performance by Williams from 3-0 down

What a match

Thought he’d miss a sitter in the decider though but Ronnie ended up doing it


Rob Walker is deeply deeply irritating.

He’d be fucking brilliant as a kids tv presenter but this is snooker you twat.


The thing that’s scary is I don’t think it’s an act, he’s genuinely like that.

thing is, that’s great, good for him, he’s very capable of hosting a crowd and being relentlessly enthusiastic

but snooker is totally not the place for that kind of energy, no matter how much the snooker authorities (and Judd) want it to be flashy, it’s just not going to be

Yeah you’re probably right that most of the players don’t want it that way but the audiences do seem to. Case study being Williams having that little mard just before mailing that awesome red

He is

I went to school with him - most hyper person I’ve ever met. He’s calmed down a lot if anything


Lisowski and Vafaei are both great at their best. Would love Vafaei in the top 16 at the expense of Murphy.

I also like how Vafaei is just so happy to be where he is.


great frame this has turned into

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Was hoping for some Friday night snooks but not sure I CBA with Murphy bingham

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sparkly waistcoat for Murphy is it

hope he pokes himself in the eye and has to retire

I heard Trump complain about wearing a tie earlier after his victory. Do some tournaments have a dress code? Why wear a tie?

(sorry for the basic question but i’m on a very, very casual watcher)

blimey he’s wearing sparkly trousers too

I know his nickname is the magician but seriously, it’s snooker not the darts

yeah I think most tournaments do, not sure which ones require a tie/suit/etc. but I remember noticing whenever it was they just wore tshirts

Judd thinks the clothes they wear stops young people becoming snooker fans which is hilarious

it’s obviously that there used to be loads of snooker clubs where young people could try playing the game, but now the property market means landlords are just gonna convert to flats or build a high density bar area, snooker tables are fucking huge and you only get a few people using them at once

the game is fucked for that reason alone


ah shit, that means he’ll be back in the commentary box

Would like to see Mark go all the way. Don’t mind Jack either tbh

That’s a great break off shot

Williams better actually win it this year


last night I was obviously very happy to see Murphy get tonked

but I was looking forward to this afternoon’s match


love stuart bingham

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bit crap this
last year we had great semis and a rubbish final, hope it’s the opposite here


Want to win

  • Trump
  • Williams

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Will win

  • Trump
  • Williams

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Is it 130 kick off?