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Good start


“Snooker” is a silly name for the game if you think about it. It’s hardly an essential part of the game: you can play loads of frames without getting snookered. Like if football was called “penalty” or cricket was called “no ball”.

I think that’s because the modern game is built around incredible break building and racking up loads of points by potting loads of colours with the reds. I reckon back when the game was first invented, snookering an opponent was a bigger part of it.

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Mark Williams tries his usual excessive asinine foolishness
Judd Trump: “umm sorry sweaty but this is world top snooker championship, not showing off to your ‘mates’ at the pub”

Judd Trump is simply one of the top guys when it comes to the snooker baize. He often acts in a manner completely out of touch with the top level of competition. Players were once brought down to the footbridge so the opposition could be properly intimidated, and used that to inspire a fierce response, but all of that has been made illegal. Unfortunately for Judd, he is still capable of producing top notch snooker regardless of the rules and surroundings. He is not a “super-star” of his own sense. You can decide who you want to be your super-stars but his “Super Sport Saturday” show would surely not be a “super-Sport Saturday” show. We’ll be watching the snooker from 1pm on BBC 2 this afternoon. We won’t be watching Judd’s “Super Sport Saturday” at 5pm this evening either. Why?

Mark Williams has failed in his last 8 attempts to become world champion.


Mark “Cheeky Kick” Williams doesn’t mix well with the worlds top snooker players. He brings nothing new to the table and is sure to serve up some ridiculous pathetic childish cockiness today and later in the week, if he manages to win a snooker championship at all. Judd would be left in no doubt that he is playing at the top level if he didn’t suddenly get scared of playing his top level opponents. He would feel confident knowing that he can beat the world champions even though he has never once managed to beat them in the biggest championship of the year. What a fucking joke.

Actions speak louder than words, and sadly those actions are enough for me to form the initial impression that Judd “Super Sport Saturday” is a complete load of utter filth. He brings absolutely nothing new to the table, and couldn’t ever possibly be described as a “super star”. He’s a stick in the mud. A confident and smelly stick in the mud. No doubt his distaste would be far more readily appreciated if his foul stench was removed from the snooker arena. But because of the popularity of the sport he is creating, and the interest in the sport, that won’t happen for a long time.

someone tell me what that song they used in the highlights package was it’s going to send me mad

Bit of a nail biter this

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Fucking hell that last frame

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oh it was

good choice mr snooker tv man

Really good final


well done The Juddernaut


Good match


evening lads, glad to see you’re all following the World Masters on ITV4

predicting that Judd either loses 4-3 or 4-2 having not played great or completely steam rollers him 4-1 or 4-0

once again, great tipping

once again, no one will comes in here so it’s fine

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All 10 players are charged today. A sad day for snooker.

Gutted about this
Let them all off imo and tell them not to do it again

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Yan Bingtao has been charged with fixing matches on the World Snooker Tour and betting on snooker.

Zhao Xintong has been charged with being concerned in fixing matches on the World Snooker Tour and betting on snooker.

don’t care about the others but :sob:

any idea what the difference is between fixing matches and being concerned in fixing matches?

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incredible week for Noppon Saengkham, he’s through to play Allen in the semi final of the world grand prix tonight having beaten Selby, Ronnie and Mark Williams so far

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