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Would be gutting if Mark Allen is the hurdle too far

Allen has had an incredible season though. At the cut off point for this tournament he’d won nearly 3 times as much money as anyone else!

this was really fun


pretty mad that Allen has been so dominant this season other than getting tonked by Hawkins in the Masters

gonna be very interesting to see what he can do in the worlds

I reckon he’ll do what Robertson did last year, win the Tour Championship but not get further than the quarters in the worlds

there’s 3 events called the players series where qualification and seeding is based on the one year ranking list (in season ranking list would be a better and more accurate name)

first one is world grand prix for the top 32, then players championship for the top 16 then the tour championship for the top 8

the tour championship is a particularly good tournament imo, cos it’s all best of 19 so two session matches and a one table set up. and qualification is being in the best 8 players of the season

interestingly, no one has made it to the final of both the tour championship and the world final in the same season (sample size of 4 lol)

the good thing about the in season list is that the draw is different to other tournaments, so you don’t end up with the same fixtures as often as you do elsewhere

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enjoying the shootout?

i am

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Channel is it on?


Ah I don’t have that

Thread ls very quiet but the snooker shootout has been good fun so far this year. Just 2 games to go now.

thread is always quiet, but I feel like we used to have more discussion around the triple crown tournaments on the bbc

We did, in fact we used to have separate threads for each one. But I think some of the people who were interested in it have left. This one was renamed from a World Championship thread at some point I think. It’s a shame really.

more activity = more activity

if no one’s posting in here, no one comes in here

…but only if people are watching

no one wants to read my personal snooker blog

(not that that stops me)

The whole thing with the crowd being allowed to distract the players takes some getting used to, but I got my head around it in the end!

come ooooooooon the milkman

Congratulations to the milkman for delivering tonight. A good final in front of a packed venue.

No Ronnie, Robertson, Higgins or Williams in the Players Championship.

Wonder when there was a ranking tournament without any of the class of '92

Mark King has just joined the lost of suspended players due to potential issues with his game against Joe Perry at the recent Welsh open.

absolute scenes as Jimmy beats Dott, then Perry and then Judd in a ranking event!


More people added to strange betting patterns watch list

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