Snooze-you-loseday thread

Somehow awake before 5am Andrew can’t get back to sleep. Brilliant, that.

How are you doing today? My housemate is away til Sunday which is :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Poor Andrew!



I’ve not even gone to bed yet! Got 8 hours sleep ahead of me yet before tuesday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Might be late for work. Trying to eat hot porridge quickly ow

Carefully placed my toffee waffle on top of my cup of tea. Nip into the bedroom. Come back and the waffle has fallen into my tea. Today has not started well.

Oh my god I’m so sorry. Is there a GoFundMe or something we can donate to to assist you in these tragic times? #prayforurbanfox

That’s waffle news, man

(I’ve been up too long)


Good morning all,
Woke up too early can’t get to sleep again bc results are out at 9 I think and I’m shiting myself.
Going to get a sugary hangover curey drink from the shop before a 2 hour seminar at 9

woke at 5:30… but I went to bed at 10:30 so this feels like a victory to me…
In work, moving floors next week :confused: so living out of a box like a hobo rather than an office worker with a locker :frowning:
Also no idea where I’m moving to so next week I’m guaranteed to come and sit in my normal seat next to a bunch of strangers :joy:
My bananas looking on the brown side of yellow… but its a risk im willing to take.

I hope everyone has a better day than @urbanfox :frowning2:
Andrew, get some :coffee: in you

Morning ssf and co

Tired. Really feel like staying in bed and watching Frasier.

Morning all

I’ve been up since 6 as I had to get my hair cut before work. HOWEVER it’s my last day in the office before going to Florida for 12 days :slight_smile: gonna be WFH tomorrow so am hoping to have everything important wrapped up today.

Gonna go for a long walk today, trying to work out where i can get to without spending $$ on trains.

Morning. Massively stressful couple of days at work ahead as I’m out and about in the public eye, rather than slumped at home behind my desk in a pair of jogging bottoms. Cannot wait for this all to be over.

just hear the term ‘sharenting’ used for when parents share pictures of their kids on social media. fuck this earth.

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:clap: on :clap: a :clap: train :clap: to :clap: leeds :clap: listening :clap: to :clap: Courtney :clap: Barnett :clap:


Thought that was when you followed through on a fart

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At home, supposed to be writing my assignment…Got to do school run first and then procrastinate for a few hours. Already done all the bed sheets as an avoidance tactic.

Got a builder coming round today so need to let him into the flat. Gonna be laaaaate to work.

Mr pn’s out tonight so I’m gonna have pizza and I guess I’d better keep packing. Fucking hate packing. Load of bullshit.

Set the alarm early for a training course, heard it but couldn’t bring myself to get up so I’m going to be late. The training course is about learning about different working styles so feel like I am just offering a practical example