Snovening Thread

Evening all. Who’s got snow? Everyone’s got snow! Hope you all made it home in one piece.

What’s everyone up to? I was hoping for some more PlebChef but stupid FA Cup is on instead. Haven’t got any dinner in either and it’s too cold to go out :woman_shrugging:

Only snow remnants left here, was dreading the bus home but it’s not bad actually. Think it’s pasta night tonight. Is masterchef on?

Nope, silly football instead


will be getting a second bath of the day shortly to celebrate being alive!

If anyone has a spare 20 minutes you could listen to my new thing if you’re bored


oh yeah it snowed like crazy this morning for about 10 minutes then stopped completely. Weird weather

Off to NCT class #2 tonight. Really CBA lads

Not on until Thursday

Absolute joke that schedule!

How did the TV’s test go?

Having a couple of beers en route home as I’m down in London tomorrow for a couple
Of days, so fuck it why not?!

The snow can fuck right off.

Get the results in a couple of days, so no idea. But it’s totally knocked her for 6. She didn’t get to eat until 12 and has spent this afternoon in bed.

Bit of snow yeah. Going to BRAVE it again soon to go to a pub quiz

hi leafy and etc

no snow here

Is tonight pizza night?

got some leftover shite from last night. not sure I can be bothered to go heat it up though

what a life

good luck! Is it one you’ve been to before?

I really wouldn’t recommend heating up shite, leftover or not. Can I recommend a takeaway pizza or curry instead?

Taking a break from listening to the new Everything Everything EP on repeat to check out @Bamnan’s latest efforts. You should all be listening to both of these things really.

Bit more work to do, then some holiday planning I think.

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